Monday, May 28, 2012

Penny's blessing

This is part 2 of my trip out to Idaho.  
We had lots of fun with Evie's little tunnel.  We also discovered that it was not meant for adults.  Adam had a hard time getting through this.
My mom had a try a little later on.  Evie LOVES her grandma and crawled through on top of her part of the way.  You can see her at the other end of this tunnel.
She came around to the other side to see Grandma.
My mom and I saw this little lawn chair at Wal-Mart and we just had to get it for Evie.  I got a kick out of her lounging in it reading a book.
Susannah and Adam were very kind and did Penny's baby blessing while I was there.  We just had it at their house on Friday night.  Since everyone was getting dressed up, Susannah wanted to do some family pictures.  I hope she can photoshop some of these.
I love these folks!
We found a shadier spot to take a few more.
Evie was liking Penny's headband.
They tried a bunch of things to get Evie to smile.  I liked this one.
Here's one with my whole family.
We tried a jumping one like we did a few years ago.  In my opinion we didn't get any keepers mainly because I look TERRIBLE in them.  Believe it or not, this is the best one of me.
Here's my mom and Evie right after the blessing.
Erika's got Penny in this one.  My dad was trying to make her smile.
I tried to get some close-ups of her, but she was getting bounced so they're a little out of focus.
This is my favorite of Penny, but sadly, it too is out of focus.
Susannah made this chocolate mousse cake with Heath bars on top and it was so good!
After the cake picture, I had to come back and get more Penny pics.  She's a cute little thing.  Deej made the dress, my mom made the yellow blanket, and I made her a bracelet and the headband.
I saw Adam out back with Evie.  She was sitting at the little table with him, but I didn't get the camera out in time.
I love this little girl.
Susannah's friend Katie and her family came to the blessing too.  Katie's son is a few months now, but I thought this was a cute picture of them feeding the babies.
This is one of my last days there.  I love that Evie loves to read.  It was hard to leave them and I hope I get to go back soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Penny Lee

On Tuesday, May 15th, my second niece, Penny Lee Warr was born.
I was at the BYU International Folk Dancer's performance at University of Houston when I got the news.  I then got this picture via text from my brother-in-law Adam.  She was 7 lbs 10 oz.
Here's the cute little family altogether.  I wish I could have been there when she was born, but I finally made it on Saturday afternoon - May 19th.
Here's cute little Evie in a dress I brought for her.  I made her a little bracelet too that she'll wear for a few seconds at a time before taking it off to chew on it.
Here's a sleepy Penny.  She makes some pretty funny faces when she's sleeping.
Cute little family shot minus Penny.  Tired mommy!
Evie loves to put things in her mouth and scrape them on her teeth.  This time she had a little problem with the blanket.
One of my favorite things to watch Evie do is name people in pictures.  I got this one with my name and I love how Evie says "baby" when she sees pictures of Penny.
Evie LOVES the i-Pad.  Here she is playing with my mom's i-Pad.  She's pretty good at it.
I also got a cute little big sister outfit for Evie.  It was pretty colorful in and of itself, but when I added her multi-colored fleece jacket, socks, sandals, and hat, it made quite the outfit.  I have several pictures of Evie swinging.  We make a daily (sometimes more than once a day) trip to the park because she loves it so much.
Here's Penny in her bouncy chair.
Evie picked some leaves from the landscaping and started to eat them.  I don't know how she can eat dirt and leaves, but not some of the food for dinner.  Funny girl.
We did a little photo shoot with Penny.  She wasn't too happy about it.
This was the cutest one and it didn't even show her whole outfit.  Susannah's friend April made/knitted this cute mermaid tail that is ridiculously cute.
This isn't the best picture of me, but it's the best one we have of Penny's cute little mermaid tail outfit.
My mom has been here with Susannah since Mother's Day.  It's been really fun having her here too.  Here she is with little Evie on a walk on a cool morning.  We were on our way back from the park.
Last night my dad and brother showed up.  Adam's bed was on the couch, but my parents found him like this this morning.
We finally talked him in to holding Penny.  He was afraid of making her cry.
Here are my cute parents with their little grandbabies!  Fun times.  I'll have another post coming soon.  I've got a few more days here.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


So, on Friday I had my endoscopy.  I was a little nervous because I'd never had to be in the hospital.  I'd never even had an IV or been "put under/out."
Katherine was super nice and took me to and from the hospital.  I felt bad because we had to be there at 5:15 am!  I had her take this picture of me right after I got my IV.  The nurse did a fantastic job.  She couldn't find a vein in my baby hand so she did it in my forearm.
I had Katherine take another one right after I woke up.  That stuff was effective.  The last thing I remember was having them put a plastic cylinder in my mouth so I didn't bite down on the scope then I woke up and there was nothing in my mouth.  They kept me there for a few minutes until the numbing spray in my throat wore off then I headed home.    Diagnosis?  Esophagitis due to acid reflux which was caused by a hiatal hernia, which in turn caused my esophagus to be enflamed, which was making some food get stuck when I was trying to swallow.  Hopefully the meds the prescribed will help take care of the issues and the symptoms!
They gave me pictures they took of my esophagus, but I'll spare you from those.  I did have to post my newest bruise.  This is from my IV.