Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

35 years ago today, my parents were married in the Salt Lake Temple!
Here they are on that day (September 29, 1972) with my mom's parents, Glyndon and LaVerne Evans, and my dad's parents, Genevieve and Elwin Bushman.

I couldn't resist putting this one in. It was taken not too long after they were married.

This is a great picture that was taken on Maui a few years ago.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Service project

Susannah and I were on our way to a service project this morning when some maniac started honking at us. We looked over and were happily surprised to see our cousin, Daciana, and her husband Mark. They were in town looking for houses! Pleasant surprises do happen on FM 1960!
Sorry, I haven't met their friend in the backseat!

We made it safely to the NAM building to prepare Christmas bags for those who donate toys to children at Christmastime. We had a good turnout.

My camera couldn't fit everyone in one picture!

Here's Susannah with our AWESOME Bishop! We LOVE Bishop and Sister Chappell!


I had to take a few more pictures of my cute kiddos.

This is my class showing their apples. We stamped them with actual apples cut in half and dipped in red, yellow, and green paint. Fun!

I had to take a picture of cute little David. It was picture day and I HAD to take a picture! I want to squeeze him!

Monday, September 24, 2007


"It's true that every time you hear a bell, an angel gets his wings. But what they don't tell you is, every time you hear a mousetrap snap, an angel gets set on fire."
Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

Stake Road Show

Our Stake had a big Road Show on Saturday night. The theme was reruns. There were 9 wards altogether. Each ward picked an old sitcom and did a skit on it. A couple of girls from our ward (Kristin and Elizabeth) wrote a great script that included several shows: the Simpsons, The Office, Twenty-Four, and Everybody Loves Raymond. It was a big hit.

I played a psychiatrist/tv producer who starts our main character on a journey through all these tv shows. I started out looking like this. I progress to the picture at the bottom of this post.

Susannah played Marge. It was hilarious. That's her real hair with some high quality Halloween dye. Also pictured: Daniel (Homer), Blake (Bart), Maynor (main character), Sue, and Karisa (Lisa).

This was our final number with most of the "company."

Susannah and I both pose after the road show.

More wrestling

Adam is moving to a different house. Being the great friends we are, Susannah and I offered to help him pack up. As usual, some sort of wrestling broke out. I don't even remember how this started.

It started out simple enough, but . . .

Susannah was about done for. She had been rubbing this vanilla air freshener on Adam earlier. When he had her pinned, it was the perfect opportunity for me to pick up where she left off.

Sadly, the air freshener was no match for Adam's facial hair. He did have a nice vanilla scent all evening, though!


The other night I went with some friends to the Dave Matthews Band concert. It was a great time.

Lest we should all search for parking, 7 of us jammed ourselves into a little Toyota Corolla. Here in the back is myself, Adam, Jason, and Kristin (laying across our laps).

When you see this picture, you might think, "Oh, it's too bad his hand got in her face." Too bad wouldn't be the right word. His hand was "strategically placed."

Just being silly! Me, Adam, and Kelly.

Now that's a nice picture!

Here's most of our group - Susana, Jason, Kristin, Brad, Josh, and Kelly.

The crowd was begging for an encore with lighters and cell phones. I just jumped in front of all the lights.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ode to Joe

My good friend, Joe pointed out that there were no pictures of him on my blog. I told him he should have hung out with us more this summer, when I started posting! I must be turning soft in my old age - his whining really did work on me this time! Just kidding - I'm happy to post some great Joe moments. . .

Here he is with Susannah and I at our house and some get together we had a few months ago.

We went with Joe and his family on a fun trip to Palestine, TX during spring break of this year. Tons of fun!

My favorite Joe memory so far, though, is that he was/is my jogging buddy. We started training in December of last year and ran the Cowtown half marathon on February 24th in Ft. Worth. It was a great accomplishment. Joe, a.k.a. Coach LeFunk, wants to start training now for next February. I hope the weather cools down soon!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Our school started up a new "care program" that we're supposed to implement in our classrooms. Part of what I do in my classroom is a welcome song we sing every morning. Many of you may recognize it! Thanks to the Children's Songbook! I just stuck in "first grade" instead of "primary."

The kids love it!


Happy Birthday, Nichole! We decided to celebrate in style by having a Fairytale party. We had about 30 people show up and most were dressed up! It was awesome. I snapped just a few pictures. I wish I could have had a huge group shot!

Jen did a great job with her castle cake. She even made it float and made little cloud cupcakes!

Jen, Susannah, and I were the 3 fairies from Sleeping Beauty. We did modern versions of the fairies because we wanted to be monochromatic and didn't have the right colors to do it!

Daniel wins the costume competition as Prince Charming. I think Cynthia was Medusa, but I'm not sure! She looked spooky!

Bradford was King Triton from the Little Mermaid. Stacy was a princess, but I don't think she ever told me which one. I guessed Rose and Cinderella, but was wrong on both counts!

Natalie and Aubrey whipped these cute skirts up the day of the party. They were Cinderella's step sisters. They used some balloons to bustle themselves up!

Anne, Shelley, and Heather were cute too! We've got Jack, the Cheshire Cat (sp?), and Little Red Riding Hood. It was a great time!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fire Drill

Here are my cute kiddos standing outside during our fire drill the other day.

Lifting weights - no. . . people!

So, the other day, for reasons that I can't recall, some friends of ours thought it would be a great idea to use Susannah as a human weight. I actually have it on video (which you may have guessed from the picture), but I couldn't get it to upload. I'll have to try again later.

We started out with Justin doing the good ole' bench press. We've got Joe filming and the Luchador spotting.

That's Justin inviting you to the gun show.

Not to be outdone, Joe goes for some squats.

They pose for a cool-down shot.

We all decided we needed our picture with Joe since he's MOVING in a week! Too bad I forgot you shouldn't get pictures taken of yourself when you have no make-up and you let your hair air dry.

Joe and the Luchador


As pretty as this picture is, it still doesn't do this sunset justice. This is probably the most beautiful sunset I've seen in Houston!

The only bad part is that I took this picture while I was driving on the FREEWAY!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Corn in my eye

I discovered something new over the summer. Apparently, my eye is allergic to corn juice. I just found these pictures on Susannah's camera or I would have posted this earlier. The story is . . . in between our two big road trips, I was husking some corn from my dad's garden while we were watching a movie. I rubbed my eye and noticed awhile later that my eye was really bothering me. I kept sweeping my finger along it thinking that an eyelash had gotten in.

After the movie I went and looked in the mirror and was shocked. These pictures actually don't do it justice. My eyeball was swollen - the white part. It was swollen up around the iris and was even partially coving it! It looked disgusting!

Susannah and Abraham ran to Wal-Mart and picked up some allergy eye drops. I put them in, went to bed and was back to normal by noon the next day! CRAZY!


Susannah's famous. She made the front page of the Atascocita Observer! A photographer came to our school on the first day of school and captured this cute picture. Sorry its not very good quality!

Awesome Suit

I had to put on these pictures of Adam. Every once and awhile he'll grace us with this suit at church. It's pretty cool and he thinks he's REALLY cool.

Six Flags

Holiday weekends are the best. We decided we hadn't partied enough this summer so a group of us headed to Six Flags in Dallas (the original Six Flags for those of you who didn't know that).

We left Friday evening after school and drove to a motel right near the park. Susannah, Jen, and I are in this picture. Staci Mullin was also with us. I think she ended up taking this picture. The guys were in the next room.

Here's the group just outside the gate. L-R: Staci, Ryan, Susannah, Jen, Adam, me (not looking), and Mark.

Another pose inside the park.

I bought this picture of several of us riding the Titan. It was one of our favorite coasters there. We had figured out where the cameras were on this ride if you couldn't tell. The guy in the top left corner didn't come with us, but he's enjoying the ride.

By the end of the day, we were pretty tired. We tried to fit 3 of us in the seat on the parachute ride. We could only go about 5 feet in the air so one of us had to get off. We came home Saturday night. It was a fun trip!