Sunday, July 29, 2012

Work Funnies

I've had a few things happen lately at work that have just made me laugh.
Not so funny is the fact that I have a water leak in the ceiling right above my desk when it rains.  The funny part is that when the Market Street people who own the building Merrill rents from found out they'd have to pay for any damaged equipment from the rain, they got right on fixing it.  I came in one day to find my computer and phone covered in this trash bag.  They also put rags all along that short side of my cubicle wall.  Everyone enjoyed the decorations.
A few of the FAs in our office went to a training a few months ago.  In addition to a lot of financial/market information, they also had a speaker that talked to them a lot about healthy eating and general healthy practices.  One of the things he talked about was making quiet time to meditate each day.  They really took it to heart.  I walked by the Chappell's office and saw this much of Brent.  It totally cracked me up.  He brought his yoga mat from home.
Just a couple of weeks ago, Scott was doing sort of the same thing.  He's on this roll thingy though.  Neither of them knew I took pictures at the time, but I fessed up and they got a kick out of them.
Just a couple of days ago, we had a little "team huddle" by mine and Linda's cubicles.  Brad was in the middle of something work related, when he said, "These socks are a little light for these pants."  It caught us all off guard and when we saw the socks, it struck us all super funny and we couldn't stop laughing.  Tears (of joy) were shed.  Brad graciously posed for this picture showing the full extent of his light socks.  I guess he was wearing something different earlier and when he changed, he realized he didn't have any darker socks with him.
During my lunch break on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, I went to Loft for a 50% off sale.  When I was walking back to the parking lot (between Barnes & Noble and PF Changs) I heard my name being shouted.  Dana Becker was a co-worker of mine and Susannah's at PFE.  She was there at PF Changs eating out on the patio with her kiddos and her friend.  It was good to see her.  I don't think I'd seen her since Susannah's wedding reception!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Way Overdue and Very Random

I have been a serious blogging slacker.  I'll do my best to give the highlights of what I've been up to for the past . . . month-ish.
I had a great time at a bridal shower for my friend Wendy who I didn't even get a picture of!  I used her camera.  Katherine, Alison, and I did get this picture.  Katherine and I had matching colors and Alison and I had matching earrings.  Wendy is now married.  I need to check in on her!
We've had LOTS of rain so my grass has been turning junglish.  If I wait a full week or longer, which I have been doing, my new lawnmower (it's even self propelled) has a fight with it.  That's going to be part of my weekend coming up!
We had a gardening "ARM" about a month ago.  I made these cute little dirt pudding cups with oreo crumbles and mint leaves.  They were a big hit!
At our Super Saturday activity, Alicia taught me how to make placemat purses.  I made this one for my mom's birthday.  I thought it turned out really cute.
Sherylin and I decided to work together on some glass etching that we'll do for a future "ARM." 
When I visited Susannah after Penny was born, we used the Cricket to cut out mine and Sherylin's names in contact paper to put them on our pans.
Here's a finished product.  It's kind of hard to see, but they turned out really cute.
We had to take a self portrait since she got us these fancy safety goggles.  Mine obviously wouldn't stay on my nose.  
I've hung out with a few different groups, but this is one I thought to take a picture of.  This was my friend Monica's birthday party.
I've also had some fun visits lately.  Abraham's wife, Stacia just had their second baby.  This is Maddie Rae. She's a very pretty baby.
Here are Sari and Maddie together.  It was a fun visit.
I also got to see Erum's baby when I went to get my eyebrows done.  She's super cute too.  I believe her name is Dalia.
I'm on the "Time Out for Women" team this year.  We had a little rally down in Galveston.  The weather was amazing!
We had a fun group who went down to watch fireworks one Friday night in June in Kemah.  They were pretty great.  I was impressed that my phone camera took this good of a picture!  Sad I didn't take any pictures of people!
So . . . I met this guy named Robert.  We've spent some time getting to know each other over the past month and a half.  He's a firefighter and has recently joined the Army Reserves.
He also likes making chain mail.  I've never been that into that sort of stuff, until he showed me the jewelry making side of it.  I made these little earrings using a "mobius" design.  I'm working on a couple of necklaces right now.
I really like him.  We took a couple of pictures of ourselves the last time I saw him.
These are after a long day and they're not the best, but they'll do.  Not only is this the last time I saw, him but it's the last time I'll see him until JANUARY.
He just reported to Ft. Benning, GA for basic training then he's off to Maryland for more training.  Just my luck, eh?