Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Random Post

I just had a couple of random things to share from this week.
First, I had a Dr. appointment on Monday to consult with a gastro-intestinal specialist to talk about this issue I've had the past couple of years with getting food stuck in my esophagus every once and awhile.  We made some plans and I had to get my blood drawn at a different place.  The girl who did it must have been new because I got this HUGE NASTY bruise that still looks just this bad almost a week later.
 Anyway, the plans are to have an endoscopy which sort of freaks me out.  It should be okay, though, and it shouldn't be that big of a deal.  I get it done this coming Friday!
 Saturday I did some yard work and when I was done and had everything cleaned up, it looked like I had redecorated my garage.  Kind of pretty, but I CAN'T WAIT for trash pick up tomorrow morning because . .  
 that trash can will NOT stay upright when I took it out with no wall to brace against and with some breezes.  I've just stood it back up at a different angle/spot with a trash bag to brace it for the 5th or 6th time and have now given up.  Hopefully the trash guys don't throw my trash can away!

Birthday Fun

Last week was my birthday week.  I forgot to take pictures of everything, but I got a few to share.
The day before my birthday, Katherine picked me up at work in her truck for a little kayaking on Lake Woodlands.  It was so much fun and a BEAUTIFUL day!
We then had dinner at a place my co-workers have been raving about - The Yucatan Taco Stand.  It was really good.  We both got these burrito bowls that were delicious!
On my actual birthday at work, Jake brought kolaches from the Kolache Factory and they were fantastic.  Linda took me to lunch that day and Christina took me to lunch the day after!  Spoiled!
Of course I had my annual birthday cheesecake.  Thanks to Jen this year for making it.  I had a few friends to enjoy it with me Saturday evening.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another T-shirt Quilt

I've just finished another t-shirt quilt.  This was was even more sentimental for me than the school one I made last year.  I had a lot of old t-shirts from Hawaii that were pretty beat up, but I didn't want to get rid of them.  Last summer I bought some fabric in Hawaii to go along with a Hawaiian themed quilt.
The hardest one to cut up was this one that my dad had given me when I was a little girl.  He told me it was a special one since it was my birth year.  He told me a long time ago that I should never wear it, but that I should keep it nice.  I've heeded his advice until now.  I guess I still never wore it . . . 
but I did cut it a little!  I couldn't have worn it if I wanted to.  It was a small and was REALLY small.  
I had several others that were hard for me to cut.  The old Maui Pineapple Company ones were killers for me to cut up.  The royal blue, red, and light yellow pineapple symbols were from shirts that belonged to my dad in the 70s.  The purple one is one I had for many years.  I figured that this was the best way to preserve them!  I cut the front (smaller) pocket symbols off and will use them somehow.  I also cut off the old "Crazy Shirts" tags.  I think I'm a little crazy!
Here's my first column.
I finished the top and prepped the bottom, bought the batting then borrowed this quilt stand from Sis. Blonquist.  PS - anyone wanting to get me a gift, could build me a quilt stand that stores this nicely! :)
You set up the bases,
add the stand,
space them out,
and then start setting your quilt up on it!
Here it is all ready to be tied.
I loved the fabric that I bought!  This one and the fabric in between the t-shirts on the front.
Here's the finished product.  It was hard to fit it all in one picture.
Closer with the back so you can see the fabric.  I LOVE this quilt!

Shanna's Reception

Last night my cousin Shanna had her wedding reception here in TX.
She got married in Idaho about a month ago, but they came down here for another celebration.  Jen made this great cake for them.
They had an ice cream bar which was delicious!
Here's the . . . .happy couple.
These are all the "Calls" that were present.
Shanna's dress was really pretty.
They asked me to take a few pictures with my nice camera.  The lighting wasn't that great in there.  I tried to get some shots of some of the "details" as my cousin Wendy calls them.
I loved the details on this side of her dress.
Their centerpieces were fun.
Ryan was very kind and didn't shove cake in Shanna's face like he did at their reception in Idaho.
Maylene was being silly in this one and "sucking in."
Here's Jen about to butcher . . .  I mean serve the cake.
They asked Alaina to put forks on the plates and she just started stabbing them into the cake.  It cracked me up.  Less chance of your fork falling onto the ground in transit, though!
Cute mother and daughter shot!

Viking Cooking School

We had another "Chappell Group" party on Friday night.  Brad suggested this idea and it was fantastic.  At Hubbel and Hudson in The Woodlands, they having something called the Viking Cooking School.  You choose the menu and then a couple of chefs prep everything and teach you how to make your own dinner.  It was so fun!
They divided us into 3 groups.  We could each bring a date, but since I'm not dating anyone and didn't want to worry too much about making someone feel comfortable in a room full of people he didn't know, I invited my good friend Katherine who already knows many of the Chappells and I know she loves to cook!  Anyway, Katherine and I were in a group with Jake and Michelle.  They were tons of fun to cook with.
Here's a cute one of Brad and his wife Elizabeth.
Our first course was a chopped salad and some black bean soup - both delicious.  My favorite comment of the night came when we were "plating" our salads.  They had prepped most of the ingredients and had hard boiled eggs already crumbled/chopped, but they were divided so you had yolks and whites in their own bowls.  Brent's wife Elizabeth said something to the effect that she was glad they'd separated it, because if they were mixed it would "really upset her."  She's hilarious!  I had a good laugh for several minutes.  We did make our own vinaigrette for the salad and we made the soup.  It was so good!
Neal and his wife joined us.  They're a lot of fun!
Here's Linda showing her salting skills!
I had to get a group shot of some of the action.
I love this shot of Rob and Jan!
Linda (middle) brought her daughter Savvy and of course Katherine was my guest.  
Here's Brent and his wife Elizabeth.
Sister Chappell (aka Jan when I'm at work stuff) is one of my favorite people!
This was our main course.  Those steaks were HUGE - like a pound each!  I have leftovers for sure!  The asparagus turned out really good too.
Our last course was these little Godiva chocolate cakes that were so good!  Fun times with some great people.  Jake got some whole group shots of us eating that I'm going to have to get and put on here!

Jimmer and the Rockets

A few weeks ago Jen and I went to another Rockets Game and again with complimentary tickets from a friend whose husband works for the Rockets.
I was getting a kick out of the Rockets' mascot.  For a little while he was walking around holding up this sign. If you can't see it, it says, "The people behind me can't see."  It was extra funny because he'd stand there for a minute or more.  
I was glad the game was Rockets vs. Kings because then I get to see Jimmer!  Too bad that this game, my view of him was pretty much like the picture shows.  He didn't play a whole lot that game.