Sunday, June 23, 2013

Austin Reception

Two weeks after we were married, we had another reception in Austin.
It was at Robert's sister Marcia's house.  She had this cute box for cards.
We had an ice cream bar and it was really good!
They did cupcakes instead of a cake.
The arrangement was really cute.
Matt had fun playing with his cousin Kelly while we were getting ready and helping to set up a little.
Scott and Russell made some homemade rootbeer that was delicious.
I was excited to see my cousin Wendy and her daughter Cecily at the reception.  Brandt came too, but he was up playing with Matt.
A couple of Robert's chain mail friends came to the reception.  It was good meet them and their wives.
I thought this was a cute shot of Scott and Cynde.
Robert was threatening to not be so nice at this reception, so I had to pull out a mean look for him.
Luckily he was just teasing and he was patient as I tried to bite that cupcake!
I think he did a better job.
They had these delightful little pirouettes.  We thought they were hard candy sticks, but I was pleasantly wrong!


When we got back into Seattle from our cruise, we stayed a few days to visit my parents and brother.
We visited my brother at work.  He's not much of a poser! :)
My dad wanted to get a picture of me next to their orange rhododendron bush since it was the same color as my sweater.
We got one of them off for my hair and it was almost as big as my head!
My dad's shoulder was bothering him and Robert tried stretching him out.
It was funny to watch, but it helped him feel a little better the next day.
I really like the front of my parents's house.  I shot this one of Adam coming out to go on an excursion with us.
We went to this wildlife park that was so pretty!
One of the first things we saw was some coyotes.
This is a wolf.  He was way in the back and I couldn't get a very good shot of him.
They had some big old grizzly bears too!
The park itself was so pretty.  This area reminded me of Jurassic Park.
For the rest of these shots, we were on a little bus.  We went by some bighorn sheep.
These were some really big elk.
Bison - this one was so close!
I like this shot because it shows how close we were to the animals.
Ok, not quite all.  We got off the tour and saw some black bears, but I couldn't get a good shot of them!
I love this shot of a raccoon we saw.  That was a really cool thing to do.  The next day we went to the Seattle temple with my mom and then she took us to the airport!


We stayed in a hotel close to the airport that first night of our wedding and had a flight that left at 6:00am the next morning for Seattle.
We took a shuttle from the airport to the cruise ship.  I got this picture of Robert on the dock before we left. I liked the Seattle skyline behind him too!
Our room was tiny, but nice.  I like cruises because you only have to unpack once.
The staff left us some balloons to congratulate us on the wedding.
They had movies out on deck each night.  It was really cold, but lots of fun.  We watched several.  Luckily they had a guy out there distributing blankets.
We tried to get a screen shot but the steam from the pool and hot tubs kind of obscured things.
We had a day at sea right off so we did some exploring and decided to take some pictures of our rings!  His is stainless Damascus steel.
Our first stop was Ketchikan where we did an animal spotting/sight seeing boat ride.  It was really cold and rainy and we were glad the excursion people had these nifty rain coats for us.
This is a view of the city from out on the water in our little tour boat.
That's our cruise ship - the Golden Princess.
The first fancy wildlife we spotted was a bald eagle.
We had to get a shot of ourselves.
We spotted a black bear along the coast and pulled up closer to have a look.
We finally found a humpback whale and followed it around for quite awhile.
I never got any pictures of really more than it's back, but it was still fun.
We came up to this area that had TONS of bald eagles.  If you click on this picture and make it bigger, you'll see bunches of them.
Here's a closer look at one of the tree tops.
I got a better shot of the movie screen the next day.  They had movies during the day as well.
One of the coolest things we did was sail through the Tracy Arm Fjord.  It was so beautiful!

No make-up!  We had just gotten up.

Glacier bits in the water.  I loved how blue they were!

Pardon the lack of commentary, but the pictures speak for themselves.  It was breathtaking.
We got into Juneau and took another tour - a bus tour.  This is looking at Juneau from across the way.

The bus took us out to a glacier outside of Juneau called the Mendenhall Glacier.  We decided to hike down closer to see it and the waterfall next to it.  Robert got this one of me taking a picture of . . . 
We got someone to take our picture in front of it too.
I'm not sure that this waterfall has a name other than the Mendenhall Glacier Waterfall, but it was impressive.
The break-off from the glacier was that pretty blue color.
Robert shot this video of the waterfall.  It was pretty big!

The next day we were in Skagway.  I was very familiar with that place since Katherine and I visited Julie there a few years ago.  I made sure we took the train.  The view was so pretty!
I look like a dork, but I had to lift my hat up so there wouldn't be a shadow on my face.

We got on and off the train right by the ship.
Julie used to work for White Pass.
One of our last nights, we got a little honeymoon treat after dinner.
They snapped this picture of us just before we ate that cake.  Delicious!
The last stop was in Victoria.  It was an evening stop and we decided to stay on the ship.  We did take a few shots of the scenery, though.  It was a really pretty area!