Wednesday, September 30, 2009


How cute is this?
This is one of my students from this year. She's super quiet and shy, so I loved seeing these pictures of her doing something she loved.
Is she cute or what? I want to go see her ride!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ingrid Michaelson

Kim and I had a great opportunity the other night to go see Ingrid Michaelson in concert.
It was at this little place called the Warehouse and it was right by downtown Houston. The view was really cool. Too bad this picture is dark.
Too bad there was another concert going on at the same time. Their bass was pretty LOUD. It was only bad in between Ingrid's songs.
Here's Kim and I just before the concert started. It was a fairly small room with no seats. We got there early enough to be pretty close to the front. We were about 15 - 20 feet from the stage.
This guy - Greg Holden opened for her. He was really good and British! Nice! He just came out with an album. You should check him out!

I got this short little video of him.
Ingrid was awesome. Her voice is so great and she was so funny. I really enjoyed the whole concert and even got to hear some songs I had never heard of hers. For those of you who haven't heard of her, I have several of her songs on my playlist at the bottom of my blog.
I grabbed this picture off of the Internet since I couldn't get a good picture of her there without the microphone in her face.
Ingrid and her band posed for pictures. She said they were tired of seeing terrible pictures of themselves on the Internet from concerts. It was pretty funny.

Here's a video of her singing. I've got a few more after this one. They're just short little bits of songs. It sounded so good live.

This was the whole group. It sounded better in real life. It was so loud because the crowd was in on all the clapping and stomping.

The zoom on the video function on my little camera wasn't very clear so I had to zoom right back out! This is one of my favorites of her songs.

Ft. Worth

Last weekend a big group of us went up to Fort Worth for a Young Single Adult Conference.
This is our group minus me, who was taking the picture. There were 17 of us total. It was a fun group. I'm not sure who we're missing in this one.
We wanted everyone in it, so we had some people take this one for us. Too bad it's a little blurry.
After sacrament meeting on Sunday, we had a little picnic since we didn't want to go out and buy food that day. Plus, we were early enough to have good parking spots.
We had delicious lasagne. Katherine was kind enough to serve it up for us. After eating, we got in line to go in for the fireside.
The exciting thing was that the fireside speakers were President and Sister Uchtdorf. President Uchtdorf is the second counselor in the First Presidency of our church - the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was wonderful. Both talks were excellent. I was really impressed with how smiley President Uchtdorf was. He was so friendly. I'm glad Tatum grabbed her camera afterward and got this shot of him and his wife.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A few random things

I have a few random pictures I thought I'd throw into a quick post.
The day after the redneck party, a few of us headed down to Memorial park for some biking. I've decided I'm not a really good mountain biker. I like trail riding and riding around the neighborhood. I'm sort of a biking chicken. Katherine and Nate were pretty brave. They were trying to make it up this ridiculously steep hill. Katherine, in this picture, didn't quite make it. She almost slid down the hill, but caught herself. Whew!
The Houston Museum of Natural Science had an educator preview of their Terra Cotta Warrior Exhibit. It was free, so Katherine, Kim, and I headed down.
It was a pretty amazing exhibit. I just found this photo off of the Internet - they wouldn't let us take pictures of the exhibit, but they had quite a few warriors and it was incredible how different they all are. They are remarkably well preserved for how old they are!
Another fun thing of late was having dinner with a few folks from my ward at Nick's cousin Kami's house. She's a wonderful cook and is half Hawaiian and a very good dancer. She's also very crafty and showed us some of the stuff she's made including this Tahitian belt. I want to make one! She also is making these great purses. Once she gets her blog up and running, I'll put a link to it in case anyone is interested.

Redneck Extraveganza

It's way past time for me to get this post up. On September 4th we had a "Redneck Extraveganza." It was a dual party for Nate's birthday and a housewarming party for Katherine.
I think Nate won the award for best dressed. There were a few other mullets there as well, and quite a few overalls.
Here's Nate blowing out the candles on his cake.
I looked a little more redneck after Kim graciously braided my hair. I also tried on her huge earrings. Those ugly teeth were really annoying to wear.
Here's the homeowner and host of the party.
Kim found these gummy teeth that she had to try. I wish I got her shirt in a picture. She made it that day. It says "Mullet Lover" and it has some clip art of a guy with a mullet. It cracked me up.
I liked this picture of Stacie and me chillin on the love sac. Katherine just got it that day or the day before. Just in time!
For Nate's birthday, we all chipped in some $ so he could rent a Harley for the weekend. He hasn't done it yet, but will soon. He can't decide between the "fat bob" (above) . . .
and the V-rod. He's rented a v-rod before and says it is really fast, but it doesn't have the Harley sound. He hasn't rented a fat bob, but it is more typical Harley. Can anyone out there help him decide?