Thursday, December 30, 2010


She's here!
My beautiful niece, Genevieve arrived on December 29, 2010
7 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long.
For the details and more pictures, click HERE to see the post I did on Susannah's blog about it!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby Stuff

I was excited to see Susannah during this last stage of her pregnancy.
She had grown even bigger in the belly than she was at Thanksgiving which was pretty impressive to me.
She was cuter than all get out, but was pretty uncomfortable and ready to have that baby!
I loved her suggestion to get this picture of her belly more from her perspective.
Here's the happy couple in an non-characteristicly nice picture of Adam. I thought this trip would be different, but it turned into being the most ridiculous few days of pictures I've ever taken of Adam.
Example number one. Hilarious.
This one also cracks me up!
Awwww. This is probably the 5th one I took of this pose and he finally made a nice face for me.
Susannah decided to pay him back in this picture I was taking of him tying flies for fly fishing.
He returned the favor.
We had a few projects to do to get ready for little Evie. This started things off. She and Adam had finally got this book case and found some cute green baskets to store her clothes in. By the way, I love how Susannah's belly hangs out of her sweatshirt.
Before I got there, she put Evie's name on the wall in vinyl along with a cute butterfly.
Okay, here's the before.
We used the cricket to make letters and cute graphics to label the baskets.
Here's Susannah applying the onesies stickers.
I LOVED the jackets one that I worked on.
Didn't they turn out cute? I reorganized these shelves later on. I'll have to post a picture of it now a little later.
Here's another ridiculous one.
Isn't she adorable?
Adorable yet again.
I thought this was hilarious - Susannah playing ping pong pregnant!
Here she is at her last OB/GYN appointment! The story to follow!


My parents decided to join the fun in Moscow and they headed over on Christmas Eve.
We started a new tradition of having fondue on Christmas Eve. It was quite enjoyable.
Here's a little bit of the spread. We had cheese, broth, and chocolate fondue with LOTS of stuff to dip in it.
We kept trying to get a shot of how stringy (but delicious) the cheese was.
This one turned out better. I think we let it cool down too much. We were having trouble keeping the sterno lit.
Christmas morning we opened our presents. My mom got the coveted i-Pad and she's had a lot of fun playing with it.
Adam got a little remote control car that he and Adam Warr had some fun with.
Adam's favorite gift was the fishing trip we all chipped in on. He was pretty excited.
Susannah was super excited about the Dyson that Adam got her. She couldn't wait to vacuum.
Adam was sitting on "Santa's" lap with his last minute requests. :)
Here are some of the crew at breakfast. Adam cracked me up with his "happy lamp." It made him look like someone from blue man group. The camera didn't catch his full blueness.
I was really excited to give out my gift to everyone. I got us all matching Maui Pineapple Co. t-shirts. I think they were a big hit.
We got a picture in them while we were all together. It was very cold and snowy outside.
We took another one inside.
I had to put this in here as proof that Adam was using a Mac! :) I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!

Birthday Boys

Two of my favorite people have birthdays toward the end of December and luckily I got to be around for both of them.
I flew to Seattle a few days before my Dad's birthday. The cool thing about his birthday is that it falls on the Winter Solstice.
One cool thing about that is that you can get an egg to stand up on it's end as you can see here. His birthday is on the 21st.
My mom made him a delicious popcorn cake. You can see that my mom was pretty inventive with the candle.
Happy 61st birthday, Dad!
The day after my dad's birthday I headed to Moscow to visit Adam and Susannah. It was such a beautiful drive. I had to take some video along the way.
Adam's birthday is on the 28th. A lot happened in between but I thought I'd do a birthday post and then follow up with some other stuff.
I was pretty excited to give him the present I got - a Nacho Libre Luchador mask. He liked it!
My mom and I tried our hand at donut making since Adam decided he would rather try donuts than have a cake this year.
They're actually mashed potato donuts with maple frosting and they turned out really good!
We stuck a candle in one for him to make a wish. Happy 31st to Adam!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fun Nights

I recently had two fun evenings with good friends.
On Thursday Katherine, Julie, and Heidi came over for dinner and fun. After some ping pong, we decided we needed to get a picture of all of us. For some reason, we were having a hard time picking a backdrop and we ended up settling on the bathtub in my bathroom.
Only 3 of us fit in, so Katherine got the top. The only problem with that arrangement is that it presents Katherine a perfect opportunity to settle a few scores with Julie . . .
which she did mildly, by turning on the water to the tub as she was getting out. She got out of there pretty quickly and you can see the the damage was minor.
Here's a 3 Amigos shot.
One of our favorite skits on SNL is Will Farrell's take on Harry Caray. We love impersonating him from that skit. Julie is the best at it. For some reason, she had this face drawn on her hand . . . with a cigarette and we got her to do the impersonation. This cracks me up!
On Friday night I had Nate and his kids over for dinner. Nate's moving to UT in a week and I left on Saturday for the holidays so I had to do something since I wouldn't get to see him for a long time.
I found this really cute recipe in a kids cookbook I have. It's called the "octo-dog." They were a hit! :)
I had some leftover foam ornament kits from my students' Christmas party so Nate's girls made them. I took their pictures to put in the ornaments. Here's Maddie.
And Lexie.
Here's the whole crew. We had a lot of fun.
Gavin was a little under the weather and the other two boys just got tuckered out. They fell asleep in my room which was hilarious to me. You can easily see Gavin and Jackson. If you look closely, you can see Junior's legs behind my chair.
Here he is! CUTE!