Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Just after my parents were leaving, we started carving our pumpkins. 
The boys each started drawing a face on a pumpkin.
I drew this face.  I made dinner in a pumpkin.
Here's Matt's Jack-O-Lantern.
Robert did a scar on the forehead of his.
Here's our dinner just before we ate!
All lit up and ready to spook!
I tried to get one from the street and loved Matt's sneaky pose!
Robert worked on Sunday, but after church Matt and I made some Halloween cupcakes and took them to Grandma Ann and his Uncle Russell's house.  We had enough to send a few home with him as well.
They were fun!

Parent Visit

My parents also wanted to come see our new place so after a few days in Idaho, we headed out for a  road trip back to Texas.
Of course, Mormon bridge was involved.
We stopped in Salt Lake City to visit one of my very best friends - Allie and her family.  We got to see her husband Brett on his way out and had fun with Allie and her cute kiddos.  Allie even fed us dinner.  Too sweet!  I hadn't seen her little guy before!
We stayed the night in American Fork with my dad's brother and sister in law.  My cousin Daylen and his kiddos came by to visit with us on their way home from a BYU basketball scrimmage!
Not long after Daylen left, Donovan and Jen came by to say hello!  It was great to see so much family in a short amount of time.
We were on the road before 4 am.  I took over driving after awhile to let my dad get a nap.  It was so pretty in the Utah desert at sunrise.
I wish the camera could have captured it better!
I always loved this rock that we passed going to and from BYU from our home in AZ.  I always called it bottle rock because it reminded me of a baby bottle from one side.
You can see it behind me if you look close.
These clouds were awesome!  I actually didn't drive long.  My dad got his nap, then let me get back to my book!
We stopped for lunch at Blake's Lot-a-burger.  My dad used to eat there all the time when he drove trucks as a young buck on his way from AZ to New Mexico.  My parents walked laps around Blake'e while I got food.
We had dinner the second night with Robert's mom.  Her table cloth was awesome - like placemats that I have.  It resists water and you can play with it as it beads up.  We played for a good long time.
I had to get everyone in the picture!
We were just playing with little beads when Ann poured out a good amount from her cup and pushed it out toward us and said, "Everyone have some!"  It was so cute!
The next morning we all went to pick up Matt in West.  We had some Kolaches for breakfast and then headed to Ft. Hood and looked at the cool military museum and all the cool military vehicles on display.
I had Robert get a picture by this ambulance since he drives one so often (not that version).
Some of my favorite peeps!
There were so many cool vehicles!
My boys!
Matt really liked this missile.  We had to get him in the picture to show the scale.
 My dad liked this helicopter.  It reminded us of MASH.
Matt liked that he could move the whole helicopter by using the handle!
This helicopter was impressive.  It was used to carry large and heavy equipment.
 This was the last vehicle out of Iraq.
My dad had fun lifting Matt by his ears.  I was so glad they got some time to play with Matt.  We had lunch at Rosa's and came home and they headed out not long after!  I loved their visit!

Idaho Visit

One good thing about being in between jobs is unlimited vacation time!
My parents are so great!  They had some extra miles with Southwest and the flew me out to visit them and my sister and her family.
One of the first orders of business was to head out to the corn maze.  I had lost of fun taking pictures of my cute little nieces!
Both of them have changed so much since the wedding even!
Evie's fake smiles are still so cute.  She can talk so well and is so funny!
Penny's so close to walking.  She loves to do it while you hold her hands.  Adam was happy to oblige!
Here are the happy grandparents!
They had a huge box full of corn kernels that the kids could play in.  They had so much fun and were NOT happy to get out!
I found corn all over the place the next few days!
we all wanted to drive together to the maze, but there wasn't quite room for us all.  I rode in the very back on the way there, my mom did on the way to Café Rio, and my brother did on the way home.  It was actually quite roomy!
Penny was so fun to play peek a boo with in the car!
Café Rio!!!! YUMMMMMM!!!!
 I caught a real smile from Miss Evie!
Penny loves to copy what you say.  Here I caught her saying "Let's Go, Joe!" on our way out on a walk.
They have this cool toy that helps her practice walking too.
I tried to get one of the two of them together, but they weren't cooperating very well! :)
Of course Mormon Bridge and Rook were involved in this visit.  I'm usually on the phone with them during their Sunday night game so it was fun to be there in person and actually play with them!
Evie had me paint her finger and toe nails green in preparation for her being the big bad wolf for Halloween.
Actually, I did her toenails and Susannah and I each did a hand to make it go a little faster.
Evie and Penny LOVE to play in the dirt!  Luckily Grandpa and Grandma have a good amount of it in their yard to play with!
Susannah sent this out to us on the day I arrived in Idaho.  I got it at the airport and it made me very excited to see the funny girls!
My favorite girls in the world!  Susannah has a new little girl in her belly.  No name yet, but she's due January 24th!
My dad has a little garden going in his backyard.  Having it at this height is pretty nice.  No bending involved!
Candid of Adam and the awesome bamboo plant.
We went to visit Adam's parents at their new house.  Penny was all for going on a 4 wheeler ride with Papa!
Evie hung out with us girls on the back porch.  I LOVE her little pigtails!
We then went and visited Erika and her new little guy - Leo.  So cute!!!
Love these girls!
That's another real smile from Miss Evie!
My mom was kind enough to let me borrow the new John Grisham book.  Almost done!
 I really enjoyed the fall colors in Idaho.  We don't get much of that out in Texas!
 Adam Warr made up this little song that cracked me up.  It stuck in my head forever.  Little Muscles!
This video has more Little Muscles and some fun with Penny and her little frog jump!
Pardon my jammies and smeared make-up.  These girls love to be read to - especially Evie.  I think I read this book to her about 10 times - maybe more!