Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Birthday

A few days before my birthday I met Robert and his brother Russell in Austin.
We had some dinner at Scholtzky's Deli and then headed over by UT.
Cute! :)
We went to a Rush concert.  Robert LOVES Rush. It was a really fun concert.
On my actual birthday, I got some fun treats at work.  Jake made an awesome banana cream pie.
Linda made a delicious German chocolate bundt cake.
After work, Robert came over and we met up with Kim and Collette went and watched Oblivion.
We headed to Outback for dinner and Katherine and Erin met us there.
Totally randomly and unexpectedly, we ran into Robert's cute niece Jennifer there.  She's a waitress at that restaurant!
Robert made me a necklace out of chain maile that turned out really cool.
He brought me some beautiful orange roses as well.  Part of my present will be an i-Phone once we get our cell phone plans all worked out.  Yahoo!
This next one has nothing to do with my birthday, but I wanted to put it somewhere.  Last Wednesday Robert came into town and went to the temple with me.  We had dinner with the Martin's and then stayed at their house.  Bro. Martin had put this sign on the door of the room I slept in.  I thought it was so funny!

Bridal Showers

I was so blessed to have 4 bridal shower to celebrate my upcoming wedding!
The first was held on April 13th at my friend and co-worker, Faye's house and was put on by Faye, Collette and Linda.  Linda made these cute decorations.
Here are a few more.  That lace table cloth was used at Faye's wedding.
Faye made some delightful treats including these little cheesecakes topped with kiwi and blueberries to match my wedding colors.  They were so pretty!
She had lots of delicious food including these homemade mini quishes!
Brent's wife, Elizabeth was kind enough to take pictures for me.
This is a group shot of our lovely work ladies including my teammates wives.  It was a lot of fun.
The next shower was the same day, just a few blocks away.
We had more delightful food.
These ladies hosted this one.  Poor Collette had double duty and she did it cheerfully even with a serious headache.  She deserves a medal!  It was at Bev Martin's house.  That's Katherine in the background and Jen Norman on the left.
Collette made these cute favors.  It had microwave popcorn and some other treats, but the tag says, "Thanks for popping by."
They nailed and taped a sign to this tree so people could have a visual on where the shower was.
I had to pose by it.
Here's most of the crew that came to this shower.  Sweet Jan Chappell came to both showers and even doubled up on gifts!
Robert and Matt came over for that weekend and I hung out with them after the showers.  Here they are all dressed up on Sunday.  I had Robert wear one of my dad's old ties.  It looked really nice.
A few weeks later, Robert's mom threw a shower with Robert's sisters, sisters in law, and sister in law  parents.  Robert's ex mother-in-law even came.  That one was really fun too!
I snapped this quick picture a little after the shower when people were just visiting.  Robert came in and got caught up in all the visiting.
I snapped this little number too.
That same weekend, we were driving around Austin about sunset and a huge amount of bats flew out from under a bridge we were driving over.  They looked like whisps of clouds at first . . .
but as we got closer, they were definitely bats. . .  a lot of bats.
The last shower was just yesterday and was put on by my cute visiting teachers, Juen and Kristina.
This was mostly ladies from my ward and my Aunt Maylene also came.
Lots of good food there too!  I've been spoiled!