Friday, August 29, 2008

The Name Game

I found this site on one of my old mission companion's blogs. I think it's pretty cool. Check it out and see how common your name is!
LogoThere are
or fewer people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?
Leave a comment to let me know how common your name is!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So, Adam moved away - all the way up to Moscow, ID at law school. We do miss him and I enjoy talking to him on the phone every few days. I was talking to him a few minutes ago and he mentioned something about his . . .
Seriously?!?! I initially thought he was lying, but I think it's actually true. I cannot picture this . . . AT ALL!
Can you? Comments, please, from all friends who know Mr. Warr!

Back to school again

It finally happened . . . the end to my lovely summer.
Here's my wonderful first grade team. We've got some new members to our team this year and I've already really enjoyed getting to know them and work with them. This picture was taken at our "Panther Premier"- the open house or meet the teacher night before school officially started.
We started on the 25th with the kids. Here's my class on the second day of school. I've gotten two new students since then. I'll have to stick some picture of them on later.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I should have waited!

I guess I should have waited a couple more weeks before doing my wedding post!
Susannah and I headed to another great reception last weekend. It was for our friend Jared. His wife is super cute too!
I loved the leaves on the outside of her bouquet!
One of the best things about the open house was seeing our good friends (Jared's older sisters) JoAnn and Jessica. When they were still living in Houston, we had some fun adventures together. Too bad my eyes are half closed. Oh well! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I made it!
8/16/08 - Approx. 7:20pm
I got my car in 2001. It's a Honda Civic and is still going strong!

My Favorite Olympian

First of all, I just have to say that I LOVE the Olympics - especially the summer games.
I have loved watching swimming and gymnastics thus far. I was especially excited to hear that one of my favorite athletes was going to be in the games this year . . .
Rich Lambourne! He was a BYU men's volleyball player when I was at BYU forever ago. He went on to play internationally and has been on the USA team for quite a while. He's one of the best volleyball players I've ever seen. He played outside hitter when I was at BYU, but is now the libero for the US team. Did I mention that I also had a giant crush on the guy? I was SO excited when I heard he'd be playing.
Here's a picture of team USA. I don't believe this was taken at the Olympics. I was also excited to hear another of my favorite BYU players was on the team - Ryan Millar. He's 3rd from the left and Rich is 3rd from the right. I loved watching them play.
Here's a picture of Millar hitting with a not so cute picture of Rich in the background. Millar is one of the best middle hitters EVER. He's deadly. Rich isn't super photogenic. I found a great video from Johnson's that shows how cute he is. Click HERE to see it!
This picture shows just how much I love my blog readers. I can't believe I'm posting this. It is a revolting picture that was taken of me when I got up the guts to get my picture taken with Rich MANY years ago. It was funny because in the first picture the flash didn't go off. I didn't care - I wanted to be out of there because I was so freaked out. He asked if I wanted to take another one because the flash didn't go off. I said okay, but in both pictures I look ridiculous. This one is the least ridiculous and the better picture of Rich. Sorry it's poor quality - I just snapped a picture of a picture. Incidentally, if anyone sees the team playing, let me know. I can't seem to catch them!

Fishing with the Mexican

Saturday morning Susannah and I went fishing with Abraham.
He took us out to this place just a few minutes from our house. It was so beautiful out there! We'll definitely have to go back out there.
He probably felt like our babysitter since he would get the fishing poles all ready for us - even baiting our hooks. We really appreciate the moments of NICE! :)
Susannah took several cool reflection shots of the sun and trees. This was my favorite of the bunch. I actually dropped my camera case with my camera in it and it rolled into the water! YIKES! My camera appears to be fine. The case got a little wet.
We noticed something moving along the opposite shore. Sure enough, it was an ALLIGATOR! I'm pretty zoomed in so this picture's a little dark. You can still make him out, though. His eye reflected my flash.
In this video you can see him swimming stealthily along. I'm glad we spotted him.
Later on we saw these signs. This one cracked me up.
This one gives us a little proof that we weren't actually hallucinating. We saw a real alligator in the wild! By the way, wouldn't you have to be crazy to "annoy" an alligator? Actually, now that I think about it, I bet many people I know might try that.
We had to take a group shot before we left. Not the most flattering of any of us. Apparently I'm being shot in the head.
I made Abraham climb that cool tree so I could get this shot. There were some pretty big spiders up there. It's a good thing Susannah didn't climb it.
This tree was so cool. It was coming right out of the middle of the river. Beautiful!

Fu Manchu

We hadn't seen our family since Mother's Day, so Susannah and I made a quick trip to San Angelo to visit. It worked out perfectly - we were there for Adam's 19th birthday!
Our parents were in Dallas the first day we were there so we spent some quality time with the Giant. He took this shot of us on the two seater.
Check out those muscles!
This is the daring shot of the day since we were still moving when she took this picture.
Adam has some serious Chinaman action going on with his facial hair. He says it's because his shaver is broken. I couldn't get a good shot with the mustache hair too, so you can settle with the beard action. He said he was growing out a Fu Manchu. Lovely.
We took him out for lunch at Carino's on his actual birthday.
We also chipped in with the parents to get him "Rock Band" for the Wii. We had tons of fun on it. I don't know which element I liked the best, but the drums were the most challenging for me.
The Giant works at a Town & Country gas station. We stopped by to say goodbye to him at work just before we left. He's a pretty talented fajita maker.
We got back after visiting him and started packing up the car. My mom left before we did so she could get to an appointment. It was after she left that I realized I didn't have any pictures of my parents. My dad was kind enough to pose for this one with Susannah.
I asked my mom to take a picture of them so I could have one of them in my post. She sent me this on from their trip to Mexico for a work trip. This was in May. They're so cute!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The longest day ever!

Saturday was one of the longest days ever! Susannah and I left our house at 6:30 in the morning and didn't get home until almost 11:30 pm!
Our first item of business was the "mini mini mini marathon" that our bishop's wife, Sister Chappell created. It was just a walk so we could get our daily points for our ward's fitness competition. Sadly, of our entire ward Relief Society, this was the turn-out including myself. I guess 7:00 am on a Saturday must not be the most popular time for an activity.
We walked about 2 miles from the Chappell's house to La Madeline on Market Street in The Woodlands. It was a lot of fun. L-R Sister Chappell, Kim, Shelly, Heather, ME!
Sister Chappell wanted Susannah in the picture so she snapped another one. She's so sweet. She also bought us all breakfast. We then walked the 2 miles back to her house.
The next stop on our list was the Cook's house. We delivered and helped cut up fruit in preparation for the luau. We then headed to the Cypress Stake Center and helped for awhile with decorations for the luau. Nichole lent us her key so we could go shower at her apartment. When we got all cleaned up, we went to Travis' wedding reception (pictured in the post below). We then came back to the church to practice our dances and help with any last minute things that needed to be done.
After we ate the delicious food, there was a program. The first dance was a hula performed by cute Megan and Joe. It was fantastic.
Megan's been helping us to make skirts like the one she's wearing. We just need to get them finished. They're not hard, but are very cute!
We were up next after those two. We didn't practice much, but I think it went alright.
Here's a hiney shot for you. If you want to see live action, just watch the video from my luau post last year (it's also on my facebook profile). It's the same dance, but Joe didn't dance with us this year.
This was a shot from the couples hula we did. I love how we color coordinated with our partners. I was in the back with the guy in the colored Hawaiian shirt. My partner didn't show up, so we taught him the dance 1/2 hour before the luau started. Understandably, we got stuck in the back.
I thought I'd end with this shot of Joe. This was him all decked out right before the Haka. He brought up a bunch of guys from the audience to teach them some moves. Thanks to Brad for taking the pictures of the dancing for me!

It's that time of the year

Wedding bells are ringing. I just thought I'd share the recent reception pictures of some of our friends here.
Aubrey and Alex got married a few weeks ago. They'll be living here in the Houston area still.
I think Israel and Sarah got married before Aubrey and Alex, but their reception was the week after. Ben and Stephanie Johnson were at this reception. We found out Stephanie was pregnant! Congrats!
Here we have Travis and Jamie. Travis left us and moved to UT quite awhile ago. He met Jamie there and just came back for a reception here. We hope they end up here someday!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Memory Lane

Several weeks ago, I got an email from my good friend Whitney's wife, Bridget. She said they'd be in Houston and were going to have a surprise one month belated birthday party for Whitney.
Here's the birthday boy with the cake Jen made him (it's just like the one she made for him when he was leaving Houston for medical school) and the peach pie I made for him.
This is a little family shot with Whitney, his wife, and son, Eli. Bridget is expecting their second child in February.
Here's a shot of some of the old gang. Well, it's kind of a mixed gang. Jen was in and out of Houston when I hung out with those boys and Whitney actually moved before Susannah came to Texas, but she did hang out with him when we'd visit in College Station.
I had to do a before and after shot to show how we've changed. This picture was taken probably about 4-5 years ago if I remember correctly. We look pretty young here.
Here we are now! It was great to get caught up with the guys. Whit had all sorts of crazy emergency room stories (he's in the ER for his residency out in PA) and Brad already has some doozies from the DA's office here in Houston.

Farewell to the Warr

The sad day has finally arrived. After several failed attempts, Adam has finally moved out of the state of Texas. He had to go this time because he was accepted into law school out in Idaho and it starts August 18th.
After Jen and I finished our shift at the temple, we stopped by to say our good-byes. Susannah was already there. Abraham stopped by soon after we got there. We actually helped Adam get all his stuff packed in his little car. He's lucky my middle name is "make it fit."
Of course we had to take some good-bye shots with the gang. I don't know why we try; photographing small children is probably an easier task. In this picture, my ponytail is being pulled. The guys actually look pretty normal.
Abraham had my head in this one. Lovely.
This one turned out pretty good minus Adam's strange look and his fingers that are indenting my neck.
The boys did hug good-bye nicely, but when I tried to get a picture, this is what happened. Seriously!
Funny shot of these two yahoos.
Aww! This one is a nice one. I'll really miss that guy. He was really nice. He made me a couple of CDs and even wrote a nice letter where he listed 10 things he liked about me. I decided to return the favor below:

10 things I like about Adam
1. He is one of the funniest people I have EVER met.

2. He's genuinely interested in people. He listens and asks great questions.

3. He comes up with nice surprises for us (concert tickets, hooks to hang up bikes in the garage - including installation, a new bell for my huffy, etc.).

4. He's compassionate and a friend to everyone. He can talk to anyone and make them feel important and part of the group.

5. He really thinks about things and thus, has a lot of great insights into people and especially the gospel.

6. He comes up with inventive nicknames for people and for interesting wrestling moves.

7. He knows me better than most people do and he still likes me.

8. He has a wide range of interests and is always expanding his knowledge/learning new things. He's an avid reader.

9. He doesn't like to have his armpits tickled. Trust me, this is helpful information.

10. He is very creative at finding new ways to scare us.

We'll really miss you, Mr. Warr!