Friday, June 25, 2010


Our unplanned trip to Moscow turned out so fun!
First of all, we were very lucky to be there the same time as Adam's parents: Vic and Deej! They're so much fun. That Tuesday night before it got dark we headed out for some disc golf. Vic's taking the picture.
Vic and Deej had been on a little RV and Harley trip. This little sign was on the inside of the windshield of Vic's Harley.
Here's the happy couple all decked out in their leather chaps and such. Vic's Harley is a Heritage Softail Deluxe and is VERY nice!
They rode the Harley and the rest of us piled in the car for a fun fishing and hiking trip a couple hours outside of Moscow on the St. Joe's river. It was so beautiful up there and the weather was fantastic!
They weren't doing regular fishing - it was fly fishing. Susannah and Adam gave our Adam "the Giant" a little demo and he started out. With a little tutoring from Vic, the Giant caught the first fish of the day. I was really sad that the fish got dropped until I realized it was catch and release anyway!
This was our second fishing site. It had this awesome suspended bridge. We actually stopped here first, but came back later to fish.
We went back to a little town called Avery to wait for Vic and Deej. There are these cool tunnels that we explored while we were waiting. They were pretty cool.
This was inside one of them. It was pretty spooky but cool. It reminded us of a ride at Silver Dollar City - the train one.
This waterfall was so pretty. It was really close to the tunnels.
While the guys fished at that suspended bridge location, us girls went for a hike on an amazing trail. These pictures look nice, but it was even more beautiful in real life.
Deej got this sisters shot of us.
There were some beautiful little flowers all along the trail on the forest floor.
Susannah sat down for a little rest and it made for quite a cute picture.
Here's Sus and Deej on the trail.
We got to the top of part of the mountain and could see over the other side. I loved this shot. It was one of many.
I took so many just of the trail. I liked this one a lot.
I liked the shot I took of Susannah so much that I had her take one of me!
After we finished hiking and the guys had unsuccessfully fished in that area we decided to find another spot. One of the great things about having friends with Harley's is when they are kind enough to give you rides! Well, it was my lucky day! Here I am sporting Deej's helmet and trying to look tough.
Trying to look cool again. I did not drive this thing - just rode on the back!
Vic's helmet was so shiny. I loved seeing myself sitting back there with all the scenery going by behind me. I tried to capture it with my camera. This is the best one I got out of many!
I also took this picture of myself while riding on the back of the bike. It was a lot of fun.
I couldn't decide which of these pictures to put on, so I just put them both! :)
We got a little bit of rain while we were out there and I snapped this shot of some of the mist that was coming up as I was riding on the Harley.
Here's another beautiful scenery shot from the Harley!
I decided I'd done pretty well taking pictures, so I thought I'd try my hand at some video.
This is the second of 3 short Harley ride videos. I kept timing it just wrong. We didn't talk that much while on the bike because of the noise, but I was filming right when Vic started to say something.
I figured this would be the best way to share the ride with you. You get to see it and hear it! I hope none of you have problems with motion sickness!
We stopped at another place further down the river for a few more minutes of fishing and Adam Warr caught 2! Here's a video of him reeling in the first one.
I actually got to ride 2 shorter and one longer ride on the Harley. This is my take-off on the 3rd ride. Sorry to put all of these on here, but I was pretty excited about it and had a great time!
After I rode last Adam and Susannah had a turn. They drove the last 60 or so miles home. They even got to wear the leather chaps!
Adam snapped this one for me from the car on the way home. None of these pictures even come close to doing this place justice!
The next day in Moscow after Vic and Deej left, us three Bushman kids took a bike ride out to look at the Grizzlies. Always fun!
We also wanted to make sure Adam saw the giant cow! There were two of them out there, though you can only see the one in this picture.
It was fun to do a sibling bike ride.
Again, beautiful scenery! I think this rolling hill area is called the Palouse. You can look up more pictures on the Internet if you want to!
Later that evening Susannah took us to a concert in the park. They have one every Thursday night. This time it was a whole band! They were pretty good.
I am really NOT fond of this picture of myself, but loved it of Susannah. We were all pretty worn out, but she was especially bad off! :)
After watching Law & Order and reading John Grisham for many years, I was excited when Susannah mentioned that I could go to one of Adam's law school classes with him and Adam seemed happy enough to oblige. It was for his evidence class and his professor is also a current district judge. It was really interesting.
Afterward he posed by the door to the court room in the law school for a picture.
During the tour of the law school he was showing me his friend's dad in an old graduating class - good ole '78 and there was a picture of this guy in there too. HILARIOUS!

Summer Travels Begin!

This summer's fun travels have definitely begun.
It all started for me last Friday, June 18th, as Jen dropped me off at Katherine's. Kath's roommate Katie was headed to Austin and graciously allowed me to join her. My mom met us in Austin and I drove with her to San Angelo.
It was a little bit of a sad sight for me to see once we arrived. The moving van had already left and the house was pretty empty.
They even took the frige!
Here's a shot of the parents and my brother outside their house, which still hasn't sold, by the way! Anyone interested?
Here they are close up. We were on our way over to their fun neighbors' house for dinner.
Their kids are so cute and a lot of fun. They've gotten really close to my parents and Adam. Here's little Liam playing peek-a-boo in a box my dad brought over.
Nicole got Adam to do some grilling and it turned out REALLY well. Adam's discovered some culinary skills recently.
Here's some of the spread Nicole had for us! It was so good! Notice the corn. That's from my dad's garden. They got to enjoy the first patch before they left. Hopefully their neighbors enjoy all the corn and other goodies to come!
Here's my dad playing with cute little Liam. He loves to squish his face. Too bad Liam saw me filming or we may have seen some more cute smiles!
In this video my dad and Adam are trying to get Liam to clap with the backs of his hands. It's a family joke stemming from a time my family played the game of Balderdash and my dad made up a ridiculous definition of the word "Morris," defining it as a clapping using the backs of your hands.
Here's everyone there except for me! CUTE! My family is REALLY going to miss them!
We left San Angelo Saturday morning and headed to my favorite town - Joseph City! This is my Aunt Karen's house. She's just had the outside redone and it looks GREAT! I wouldn't have even recognized it at all!
Kim was home visiting her mom in Snowflake, so I invited her to come on over to play some games at Trina's house. We had a lot of fun and loved playing with Trina's 3 month old baby!
We went to church on Sunday then headed out, but not before I could get my traditional picture on the Jack Rabbit!
Here's our little caravan. My parents were in the Tacoma the whole way and Adam and I were in the Honda.
We were only going as far as St. George, UT that night, so we made a few little stops along the way. The first was at this bridge not too far from the Grand Canyon. It was so beautiful. The scenery was spectacular!
The cliffs and rocks were amazing and the water was so clear!
We went down to Lee's ferry, a pretty famous area for the Mormon Pioneers sent by Brigham Young from UT down to settle parts of Northern AZ. They had to cross this river somewhere and it was pretty perilous! The mountains beyond my mom are what my dad called "Lee's backbone."
This is one of several shots I got of the cliffs.
Once we got settled in our hotel in St. George, we headed over to my Aunt Norma and Uncle Darl's house. My grandma also lives there. It was a fun little visit and they fed us some delicious food!
We also drove by the beautiful St. George temple that night.
We visited them one more time Monday morning then headed over to visit my Uncle Bob and Aunt Vicki who are also in St. George.
Our next stop was Cafe Rio in Provo. I called ahead and had Collette meet us there. It was so good to see her!
We then headed up to Layton to visit my Aunt Janice and Uncle Norman who weren't too keen on posing for a picture for me. I did get a shot of this flower in their backyard which I thought was beautiful!
Keeping with the "friends meeting me along the way" theme, I was lucky enough to have Allie and her little Megan meet me at Janice's house for a quick visit! So fun and so CUTE! Allie's due to have her second little girl in October! Congrats!
After Janice's we kept on going until we reached Twin Falls in Idaho. We spent the night there, then kind of switched things up. My parents continued on to Covington, WA where they're moving. There were some complications with the move out/move in dates so they were just going to have to stay in a hotel there for a few days, so Adam and I decided it would be fun to go up to Moscow to visit Susannah and Adam. We were in for some FANTASTIC scenery along the way. Northern ID is a beautiful part of the US that I don't think many people know about.
SO PRETTY! This is one of many shots we took, and we could have taken hundreds more. You'll have to visit sometime!