Wednesday, November 6, 2013


It's been way too long since my last post! A lot has happened in the almost 6 months since we've been married!
Probably the biggest is that we decided to move closer to Robert's work in Killeen.  Our first step was to sell my house.  It took close to 3 weeks, but we were able to find a buyer that loved the house and offered us the full asking price!
The cute girls in my ward had a little going away party for me at Tutti Frutti.  It was lots of fun!
Big thanks go to the Elder's Quorum in my ward for the amazing showing of guys to help us get the truck loaded up.
They did an awesome job and fit SO much stuff in the truck!
We packed up Thursday night and went to close on the house Friday morning - September 27th.  I had to snap some pictures of my cute and empty house.
It served me well for 7.5 years!!
It looked a lot bigger empty!
We got a car carrier to take my car along since Robert needed to drive the truck and we still had his car.  We loaded up my car and most of his and were able to get all of our stuff!
Here's a shot of us on the way to Jarrell after closing.
We got to the new place that same day.  The builder was kind enough to let us move in that night with help from the Elder's Quorum in our new ward.
We got busy really quick getting things arranged since I was only going to be there for a long weekend.
We got A LOT done!
Robert's mom gave us that cute secretary.  They brought it to the US from England many years ago.
This is our bedroom.
Other angle.
They painted the bedroom the color of my old family room and the master bath is the same color as my other house as well.
After taking Friday and Monday off, I returned to The Woodlands to work for another two weeks.  That meant more fun lunches with my good friend Collette.
We caused a lot of funny looks when we were eating out on the balcony during a rainstorm.  We had an umbrella up - don't worry!
I stayed at Katherine's house those two weeks.  One of my last days, Katherine, Collette, Bev, and I went out for a girls night.
We had crepes and then went and watched Captain Phillips.  Fun time!
The CA's at work surprised me with a nice card that they all signed and the office paid for a fun breakfast on my last day!  So sweet!
The French Toast was amazing!  I didn't take any pictures, but on Oct. 4th, we had a Chappell Group team party at Rob's new house.  I'm sure going to miss my friends and teammates!

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Susannah said...

This post made me a little sad. I am happy you and Robert get to be together, but I sure loved your house!