Monday, September 21, 2009

A few random things

I have a few random pictures I thought I'd throw into a quick post.
The day after the redneck party, a few of us headed down to Memorial park for some biking. I've decided I'm not a really good mountain biker. I like trail riding and riding around the neighborhood. I'm sort of a biking chicken. Katherine and Nate were pretty brave. They were trying to make it up this ridiculously steep hill. Katherine, in this picture, didn't quite make it. She almost slid down the hill, but caught herself. Whew!
The Houston Museum of Natural Science had an educator preview of their Terra Cotta Warrior Exhibit. It was free, so Katherine, Kim, and I headed down.
It was a pretty amazing exhibit. I just found this photo off of the Internet - they wouldn't let us take pictures of the exhibit, but they had quite a few warriors and it was incredible how different they all are. They are remarkably well preserved for how old they are!
Another fun thing of late was having dinner with a few folks from my ward at Nick's cousin Kami's house. She's a wonderful cook and is half Hawaiian and a very good dancer. She's also very crafty and showed us some of the stuff she's made including this Tahitian belt. I want to make one! She also is making these great purses. Once she gets her blog up and running, I'll put a link to it in case anyone is interested.


j&krosser said...

I have to stick to trails too. I would seriously hurt myself doing real mountain biking.

Susannah said...

Adam has a cousin that lives in China. Maybe we can go over there and see the real deal!