Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

I think this is the first spring break in my whole 10 years of teaching that I've just stayed home. I LOVED IT! Things have been so busy at school and everything, that I just needed to relax and also get things done around the house.
One of the things I did was yard work. When it came to cleaning out this front flower bed, I decided to get some help so I wouldn't have to haul mulch by myself. here's a before shot of the bed.
I got some flowers and plants for the guys to plant as well as clean things out and mulch.
Here's the finished product. Much better!
Here's a close-up of these flowers that I got. I love them! Here's to being relaxed, organized, and having my house all clean (and my report cards done)!


Jessica said...

so beautiful! I love the last pic of the flower too! Glad you got to enjoy your spring break and relax:)

Wendy Sue said...

Hurray for flowers and a good spring break!!

deej said...

I'm jealous . . . wishin' we had a bit of sunshine and flowers here! Tho I did make it out for one morning last week and pulled leaves etc. from around my tulips to give them a better chance. . . I know spring will come . . . but I sure get impatient this time of year!

Kristal said...

I miss you.
You look great.
I miss you.
Your blog is fun.
I miss you.
It needs more about you and what you like and who you miss and how you feel about things.
I miss you!!!!

Susannah said...

Those plants in front are HUGE!! I can't believe it. They were little guys last time i saw them. I like it!