Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Relief Society Christmas Dinner

For the last while, I've been the "additional Relief Society meetings" counselor in the RS presidency.  We usually do an activity a month and we planned a big dinner for December.
First of all, let me say that I have an awesome committee and we have a great ward with lots of great and helpful people.  The two in the middle of this picture - Shauna and Kelly are on my committee, and Trena (left) just came early to help out.  We had the activity at Kelly's mom's place - Karen (right).
Dorothy (left) is Kelly's grandmother and also lives with Karen.  She and Karen were big helps too.  Theresa (center) and Ashley (right) are fantastic members of my committee.
Sorry - drink holders.  Very handy and now on my wish list! :)
We were able to set up for 44 people in her main living room.  Ashley had the idea to use real China so several people let us use their plates and goblets.  It was a nice dinner.  We had it catered from Italianos.
Kelly had this awesome garland she'd made for her banisters at home, but we used it for table centerpieces.  The whole activity was a big success and I think we'll make it annual thing!


Susannah said...

Looks like a great dinner!

Wendy Sue said...

That was nice to make it more formal, I love those drink dispensers too!