Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm lucky enough to be related to at least two different people/families in my ward!
This first one is a bit of a funny story.  It started many years ago at institute in Kingwood.  I was just sitting in the second row paying attention to the lesson when a guy sitting in front of me that I hadn't seen before put his  arm behind the chair next to him and I noticed his hands.  I knew then and there we were related.
His hands looked A LOT like my dad's.  I've posted about his hands before - we call them Turley fingers.  If you type "Turley Fingers" in the search bar at the top of my blog, it will take you to a couple of other posts I did that will explain a little more.  Anyway, Ken (the guy at institute) is now in my ward and is married to a lovely young lady and they just had their second son.  The first one has normal fingers, but this cute little guy wears his ancestry on his hands!  CUTE!
I had to get both their hands in this picture today.  We looked on and it turns out that I'm related to Ken through Bushmans AND Turleys!  Small world.  His middle name is even Turley.
Last Sunday I noticed that the Rascon family was sitting in our ward.  I knew they lived in The Woodlands, but it turns out that they just bought a new home in our ward and will be moving in in June!  I'm excited for a couple of reasons - First - I've met them before and have already made the connection with Sister Rascon that we're related.  Her grandmother is a Bushman!  I went up to her and we re-visited the connection and are already fast friends!  The second reason I'm excited is that he's pretty famous around here.  He's an anchor on  channel 13.  Click HERE for his info!


Wendy Sue said...

That little guy's hands are very cute. How fun to find relatives.

crack'n up ourselves said...

I love that kid already!

jeremy said...

He is starting to learn now. How cute!
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