Sunday, May 10, 2009


A couple of us went camping with Nate and his kids this weekend up in Huntsville.
When I got home, I realized that I hadn't taken many pictures, but I'll share a few that I did take. I thought this one of Lexi was super cute. The kids found a snail that morning and had a lot of fun with it. . . too much fun. I'm sorry to say that the snail is no longer living.
This is one of the many pictures Jackson had me take of him. I can't remember what he was doing in this picture, but it was a cute one!
This girl Bonnie, from another campsite, came over for awhile on Saturday morning and kept the kids entertained. We referred to her as Bonnie the Explorer. I believe she was the cause of the snail's demise, unintentionally, I'm sure.
That morning we also went up to the nature center for an alligator presentation I actually learned a lot! There are at least 50 adult alligators (adult meaning 6 feet or longer) in the Huntsville State Park where we were camping. We all got to pet this little alligator they had there. The guy's name that's holding the alligator was "Pick." I thought it was perfect.
Later on, we rented some canoes and went around the lake. We heard some other canoers in the area saying they'd seen something so we paddled on over. Not long after that, we saw a giant head come out of the water. It was HUGE! The head was at least 2 feet long if not longer. We waited around and had 3 more alligator sightings. One was a little smaller, but the other 2 were either the same as the first big one we saw or another huge one. I didn't have my camera with me so I found this picture on the Internet. This is what we saw on the last two gators. The whole head and back were out as it was swimming down the lake. The ones we saw were bigger than the one in this picture, though! Yikes. It was really cool!


kristal said...

Are you kissing this guy yet???? Sounds like you have a lot of fun together and his kids are freaking adorable. and I hate alligators!!!

Teresa said...

You're crazy!! Waiting around to spot alligators? Scary!