Sunday, May 10, 2009


Our district science people gave us the option of having some fertilized chicken eggs in our classrooms this year so we could watch as they hatched.
Janelle kept them in her room and the kids (and teachers) have all loved visiting her room to check out what's been happening with the eggs.
This week they hatched. It was pretty cool. I got this in the morning of the day they all hatched. This one was out quite a while before the others started following. We could actually hear it peep while it was still in the shell the previous day.
Not too long after that, they were all out and peeping away. They're pretty cute.
We had to move them from the incubator into a bigger box, but no one was sure how to touch them. Since we had chickens all growing up, I was happy to assist. The teachers all loved holding them after that.

I took this video of them in their new little box. They're a lot of fun to watch. We'll get to observe them for most of the coming week before our district elementary science coordinator takes them along with over a hundred more from other schools out to a farm in the country. That should be a fun and deafening trip!


Mom said...

Boy that peeping sound brings back tons of memories!!

Teresa said...

So cute. My kids loved watching the baby chicks. Braeden (turning 3 today) laughed when that one knocked over the others saying, "Him pushing. Him go to time-out!"