Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last weekend some friends and I went camping out at Lake Livingston.
We weren't able to leave very early on Friday, so it was very dark by the time we got there. We got the tents set up, but both Katherine and Julie brought hammocks that they were going to sleep in, so the next order of business was to get them put up.
Upon searching the campsite, we found that there was only one set of trees with the proper distance to set up a hammock, so they decided to try it "bunk bed" style. It was difficult for Katherine to get in to the top "bunk." She actually fell pretty hard on her first attempt.
Once they got it all worked out, we were provided with hours of entertainment, as you can see.
Nice, Katherine!
Julie took advantage of having Katherine in such a vulnerable position!
This one's my favorite shot of the trip!
Kim was being attacked by smoke in this one!
We had our s'mores and told stories. After all that fun, Nate finally showed up. He was the only guy with 6 girls - Kim, Katherine, Julie, Stacie, Wendy, and myself. Lucky guy!
Oh, wait, we also had some wrestling around as well. This is a pose. The real wrestling shots were less than flattering!
We just hung around for awhile in the morning. It was pretty chilly!
Oh, I guess we can count Gus in the guy category as well! :) He's begging for attention from Nate.
After throwing the frisbee and football around for awhile, we headed down to the lake. Katherine brought her canoe.
This action shot was too cool not to post. She was pretending to jump in the water here.
Some of us just enjoyed the cool water and beautiful weather this way.
Wendy's showing her patriotism.
These girls headed out on a canoe ride. . .
. . . while we continued to relax.
Julie surprised them with a cannonball on their way back in. I love the sports setting on my camera!
This was a perfectly placed splash. She got all 3 pretty good!
Katherine couldn't let Julie have all the fun so she jumped in for real.
It took them both quite a while to dry off.
These girls were troopers to pose for this one. The sun was so bright!
We threw the frisbee some more, ate lunch, chatted, and played a game of phase 10 before rolling down the hill and heading home. It was a great camp out!


Anonymous said...

Boy if I knew Kim was there I would have let her clap my hands for joy.

Anonymous said...

Wait I mean Julie!

Susannah said...

"pretty chilly"...

Anonymous said...

And I would have given you the clap...easy!