Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moscow, Idaho

This last weekend I had a great time visiting Susannah and Adam up in Idaho. It was the first time I've seen them since we left them in Placerville after the Boise reception this summer.
My visit was doubly fun because Julie joined in on the fun on her way back home from Alaska (she was working there for the summer). Here we are at one of my first tourist stops - the grizzly bear habitat.
They have quite a few bears there - even a few cubs. This little area is just outside of Pullman, Washington, which is just down the road from Moscow. It was cool watching them. I have a video of one of the bears trying to eat some grass through the fence. It's on my phone and I can't figure out how to get it on here, but I'll keep trying.
One of the most AWESOME things we saw is at an animal research facility for Washington State University. They have this mega huge cow! It's hard to tell, but you can see the tops of the backs of those other cows just below the roof of this feeding area. That cow to the left is feet taller!
We stood there shocked as we saw it there. This picture really doesn't do it justice. It was HUGE!
Oh, by the way, the weather there was a far cry from the weather here. This picture was taken Saturday morning on the way to the farmers market. The highs were in the high 30s and low 40s. The lowest I saw while were were there was 16 degrees!!!!!
At the farmer's market, they had a live band playing. They were a great sounding jazz band that we enjoyed for awhile.
They were selling all sorts of great produce. Susannah loves peppers so I had to get this shot of her.
I LOVED the farmer's market. I could have stayed all day! I'm only putting a few of the pictures I took there in this post.
They were fire roasting these peppers right there.
Thanks to Kirsten's post (click HERE to see it), we got on a "Parkour" kick. It kept us entertained.
I loved the Fall leaves there. We took a walk around the arboretum at the U of I campus. It was beautiful.
I had to get in the picture with these beautiful leaves!
Here's a shot of us girls up in one of the cool trees.
We talked Adam into doing some action jumping shots while we threw leaves in the air. It was quite hilarious.
This shot cracked me up - I really couldn't stop laughing. It looks like that leaf is stuck to his face.
This was a cool shot at the arboretum. If you look at the distant hill, you can see a little whirlwind or dust devil. You might need to click on the picture and make it bigger.
There was also a cool big red barn there. Of course we had to get some shots there too!
Here we are looking all contemplative!
We also had a look around the Vandal campus. It was so pretty! I had no idea!
The stained glass windows in this building were amazing.
I loved this tree tunnel that led up to the building.
And here's a shot of the whole thing. It was awesome. It was like a castle in the back too. Thanks Adam and Susannah for such a great trip filled with Rook, Boggle, and a whole of fun! Susannah has some other pictures of the trip on her blog. Check it out HERE!


deej said...

Hi Alona - I was so happy to see your blog and know that you Texas girls didn't freeze to death in Northern Idaho but rather made the most of the moment(s) and had a fun time! Loved your pics! But just have to do one little bit of editing . . . the college is UofI . . . which is very important if you're a true Vandal fan (doesn't matter so much to me - a true BYU . . . or BSU fan). Thanks for sharing and tell those folks in Texas they may have lots of BIG stuff . . . but only in Idaho do you see truly big cows!!

deej said...
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Susannah said...

Thanks for the correction, Deej! I was just about to say something. I love your pictures, Alona! Thanks again for coming. We loved it! Hope you can come again, Dang it!

Alona said...

Thanks for the correction! :) All fixed!!!

Alona said...

You're right about that big cow, by the way!

Dadra said...

What a fun trip!! Glad you were able to get up there to see those crazy two folks!!

Mom said...

It looks really pretty there. I miss fall leaves and crisp, cool weather!! (Although it's nice to be able to get warm again before next July!!!)

Jessica said...

Your pictures are amazing-it looks so beautiful there!