Thursday, January 28, 2010

School Shenanigans

I had some fun and/or interesting happenings at school lately, so I thought I'd post some of them on here.
It was class picture day last week. Kristie and I have known that we have the same sweater, but luckily have never worn it on the same day . . .until picture day. So, it will now be recorded that we have the same sweater and that we wore it on the same day.
We made our Oreo penguins again this year for our Antarctica unit. The kids really enjoyed it, probably because they got to eat this art!
I loved this shot!
Here's a close-up of one that is missing part of it's head. I decided to take a close-up a little too late. Most of the kids were munching away.
Also part of our Antarctica unit was a presentation last Friday. A friend from my ward, Melissa, works for Exxon and has been to Antarctica twice. She's a geologist. Anyway, she made a powerpoint and did a presentation and even let the kids drill her with questions. Everyone loved it!
We also did our snowman scenes like I do every hear with my class. This little guy was too cute for me not to take a picture. We use model magic and they always turn out so cute!
This one keeps cracking me up. I noticed a few weeks ago that some of the girls in my class were doing this with their hands during a couple of our "pledges" in the morning. We do FOUR PLEDGES! We pledge to the American flag, the Texas flag, we have a Panther Pledge for our school and a "Go Green" pledge. For the American and Texas pledges, the kids had their hands over their hearts, but on the last two pledges, they were doing this. I asked what it was all about, and apparently, they're panther claws. Instead of holding their hand straight up (like when you take an oath), they raise their hand and make a panther claw. I can't stop laughing when they do that! I meant to get a picture of them in the act, but settled for grabbing a couple of them after school at the YMCA program at our school.
This video is ridiculous. Every morning the kids come in and unpack. They have a warm up paper on their desks that they get right to work on. They get a book after that. That's been the routine since the beginning of the year. Well, the tardy signal in our school is the "Pink Panther" theme. When the kids hear that music, they know they better get to class so they're not late. Every once and a while, the office puts some different music on. This day, they randomly put the Charlie Brown music on and this is what happened. Notice my good few who are actually doing what they're supposed to. Also, my apologies if you see one of my boys dirty dancing at the very beginning. He wasn't doing that when I got out the camera. Bad timing for me!


Wendy Sue said...

Your little students are so cute!

Susannah said...

kids are weird...