Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where's Waldo?

I've been a bad picture taker lately! I had a super fun weekend and I didn't take a single picture. Worse yet, this weekend was two weekends ago!
It was all in honor of Kim's birthday. We started out with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in the Woodlands. It was delicious, of course.
We then watched "Leap Year." It was very "chick flick" ish, but it was enjoyable. We were all fans of the guy in the movie!
The fun, creative part came as we played the Martin version of Where's Waldo in The Woodlands Mall. We wore disguises and dispersed ourselves throughout the mall. Those who were not dressed up had to go find those that were. I got found right away - BAD LUCK! Julie and Katherine kept everyone searching for quite awhile. They had that baby carriage that really threw folks off.
Here are all of us that dressed up. We had a good amount of people that showed up for some or all of the events. We all hung out at Katherine's after and enjoyed some time by the fire because IT WAS COLD!

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Whidget said...

What a fun idea for a game--less fun had there been a baby in the stroller though! :P