Sunday, July 4, 2010


Well, I made it to Washington!
The movers got to my parents' new house last Saturday, the 26th of June. I really like the house. It's the one in the picture.
My dad helped them unload to speed the process along. Sadly, one of the movers stole my i-Pod! :(
A couple days later we celebrated my mom's birthday with some delicious Cold Stone ice cream cake!
My cousin Daylen even dropped by that day because he was in town for work. He helped move some heavy stuff and we all had a fun visit.
Later on this week while my dad and brother were at institute, my mom and I went to the Seattle temple in Bellevue. Institute was just at a church building in the temple parking lot. There's this cool little walk-way we went on to get to the temple.
Here's a shot of the front. This temple is just like the Provo temple inside for those of you who've been there.
I hadn't been to the actual city of Seattle until Friday of this week. My parents live in a southeast suburb. Adam and Susannah came into town on Thursday evening with their friend Alex. We headed down for a little fun in the city on Friday morning.
We saw some interesting people there.
We spent most of our time browsing around Pike's Place Market. I loved it! Especially the fresh flowers and produce.
The views were beautiful too. We were right on the Puget Sound.
One of Susannah's good friends from our hometown - Bridgette - is working in Seattle right now and met us for lunch. It was good to see her.
The city was impressive too. The streets were so steep in some places. A bad snow there would be disasterous!
Loved the market sign!
Not far from the market is the "gum wall." We're standing in just a small portion of it. It was pretty gross, yet cool at the same time.
We also made a stop in Chinatown while we were in Seattle. Alex picked up lots of cool things from a little market there. He's from Hong Kong.
I told the guys to pose so I could get them and the dragon in the background. This is what I got.
Last night I caught my first glimpse of Mt. Ranier. It was pretty impressive even though you can't tell from this picture!

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Carrie said...

I didn't realize you were here in Seattle visiting! How long will you be here? Where do your parents live? Maybe we can get together sometime this week.