Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whitehorse & Dyea

While still in Skagway, we made a few short trips that were a lot of fun.

On Saturday, we headed out of Alaska to a city called Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. On the way there we saw another bear. This was a pretty big black bear.

Also on the way we went by this awesome lake. I think it was called Emerald Lake but it's possible that I made that up.

Here's who went besides me. L-R its Logan, Heidi, Julie, and Katherine.
This was a cool river just inside the Whitehorse city limits. It was such a pretty color as well. I think its some sort of glacier silt that turns the rivers and lakes that color.
After doing some shopping, we went out to this Bald Eagle nest and were lucky enough to see two of them! There was at least one baby in that nest. We saw a wing and heard it, but we never saw the whole thing.
Logan took this shot of us in front of the nest.
Here's a close-up of one of the birds. They were so regal looking!
The eagle nest was right next to this sign and we had a little fun there.
We relaxed at a park while we were waiting to watch the Skagway mens and womens softball teams play in a dustbowl tournament in Whitehorse. We saw this little ground squirrel while we were relaxing. He was pretty cute!
On the way back to Skagway after the games, we saw lots of wildlife! We saw a coyote, a moose, and a porcupine. I didn't get pictures of any of them, but I did get this one of Julie trying to find the porcupine we passed so she could harvest some of its quills with that sweatshirt.
It was really cold on the way and Katherine was really bundled up the whole way home.
I got this shot of the inlet in Skagway that I just had to post.
Sunday after church we went for a drive out to Dyea which is really close to Skagway. It was freezing cold, but very beautiful!
We had a good time taking pictures. I think this may have started it all. We were going to take a nice picture of the 3 of us, the Julie squeezed our heads.
Jumping action shot!
Heidi was our photographer. She set this one up so it looked like I was holding Julie and Katherine.
There were these posts that were left over from an old pier that made for some good pictures.
This is our cool pose.
This is our attempt at an awkward family photo pose. I think we did a pretty good job.
I got the camera back so Heidi could be in some. This is the country look.
They thought they'd try to switch places on the log without getting off of it. They made it!
Julie had to do some mudding in her X-terra. Fun times!
This was taken at a little lookout coming back into Skagway.
We had kind of a crazy experience coming back from Whitehorse on Saturday night. We were about 4 miles from Skagway when we saw a guy stumbling up the road going the opposite way. We just assumed he was drunk. As we went just a few feet further we saw these skid marks and suddenly got worried about the guy we'd just passed. We turned around and saw as we got closer on his side of the road that he was a young guy and was barefoot, wet, and was bleeding (all things we couldn't see when we passed him the first time). He had seen a deer and swerved to miss it and had run off the road into a big ravine. He was only 17 and was a little disoriented, but was coherent. We took him back to his dad's house and his dad took him to the clinic. We went back on Sunday after going to Dyea to find the car.
It's hard to tell even what this car is, but it was pretty smashed, and it was pretty amazing that the boy was okay and crawled out! We checked on him at his house after we found this car and his dad said he just had a black eye! Crazy!
Sunday night Heidi made us some delicious homemade fettucine alfredo. She had a hard time getting the sauce to thicken and a lot of the cheese was sticking to the chicken she added to the sauce. She wasn't very happy about it.
She scooped all the chicken out and thickened it . Some of the sauce spilled so we all grabbed some of the garlic bread to sop it up. Fun friends! The girl next to Heidi is Brenna - another of their friends.
To top off the night, Heidi accidentally put dish soap instead of diswashing detergent into the dishwasher and there was a little bit of a mess to clean up!

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