Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend of Wendy

I had a fantastic weekend and most of the events centered around Wendy's birthday. Her actual birthday was on Friday, November 5th.
This first one doesn't fit with the others, but I didn't want to do a whole post for this one. Katherine, Julie, and I went bowling at Main Event last Monday night. We also played some pool - cut throat. It was a great time. I miss having Julie around. Sadly, we didn't take many pictures, but I really like this one!
My first order of business on Friday night after a SUPER FUN time at my co-worker's house was to host a long overdue ping pong tournament since both Jared and Julie were in town. It was a long and hard fought tournament, but Julie and I were the last two standing. I borrowed some pictures from Wendy for the showdown. Here's an action shot of Julie.
Good return by me . . .
Julie was getting stressed (OK, so was I) so Katherine helped us out with some quick chops to the back.
I'm pretty nervous here . . .
. . . but not as nervous as Julie.
One of the final shots.
You can see from the brackets - well, you can't really see, but I WON! Julie started to write my name for the winner, but let her true feelings show. She was pretty mad that she didn't win.
We had some tres leches cake for dessert. I tried my hand at making it from scratch. I got the recipe from my awesome cousins, Claudia and Dannen. I forgot to take a picture of it, so I got this one off the Internet. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!
Wendy decided to stay on my side of town Friday night. She talked me into sleeping outside with her. I was a little nervous because it got down to like 39 degrees that night, but I bundled up so much that I was actually hot! I slept great!
We really enjoyed Saturday's weather. Wendy, Jen, and I went on a bike ride in Kingwood. It was so amazing!
Later that night, I had people over to celebrate Wendy's birthday. We had Navajo Tacos and watched Jurassic Park. Before the movie, Kim's brother Chris had some entertainment for us. He did several card and other magic tricks that were actually really good.
Mauren even stopped by for a little bit. I was a little shocked when I looked back at this picture. Can I not get away from guys making ridiculous faces in pictures? You might need to click on this picture to make it bigger so you can get the full effect.
Here's some video of Chris doing a card trick and attempting to "levitate." I know it has the picture of Jared on the player, but it's not that golfing video!
Becca brought her brother too. It was a fun little group. Both guys played the guitar for us as well. You can't beat that!


Wendy Sue said...

Congrats on the ping-pong win, it's in genes!

Susannah said...

Looks fun! Makes me with I was there for the tournament!