Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lake Livingston

I was overdue for another camping trip, so a few of us went the week before Thanksgiving out at Lake Livingston.
We got to have a fire this time and it was fantastic. I really like this shot, by the way. In the photo we have Brock and Kristen.
We decided not to set up a tent. Instead, we set out Wendy's GINORMOUS tarp for us to put our blow-up mattresses on while the food was cooking. It was just the four of us out there.
We made the tin foil dinners at Brock's house before we left, and just cooked them in the fire once we had some nice coals.
They were very delicious! :)
Here's our sleeping situation in the next day's light.
We had lots of delicious things for breakfast including some bread that Wendy had baked. She came up with the craziest sandwich I'd ever seen. It was her homemade bread with almond butter and and LARGE piece of banana. It was humorous to watch her eat it.
Wendy also brought some delicious honey crisp apples. We were pretty full by this point so Brock was kind enough to half the apples with his handy hatchet.
We all went on a little walk after breakfast down to the lake. There were quite a few trees that had fallen and Brock decided to show his balance by going out on one.
Wendy joined him out there, but it looked a little too perilous for me!
Here's the "getting on" point. We just relaxed out there that afternoon. The weather was beautiful!


Susannah said...

I miss camping weather!

Wendy Sue said...

I love that picture of the fire!