Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last few days

The last few days have been so fun! I'm so glad Susannah had Evie while I was still there. I was REALLY sad to leave.
This is Evie just coming home from the hospital.
I had to snap this quick one of the "re-organized" book shelf. I was pretty proud of my handiwork.
That night Susannah and Adam introduced Evie to her other grandparents via Skype. It was really cute to watch their reactions.
She really loves to be swaddled tight.
She is the cutest thing ever!
Susannah was ready to get those hospital bands off, but she wanted a quick picture before that happened.
This picture was taken right after my walk that I wrote about in the post before this one. We really liked how this one turned out.
Adam is pretty good at quieting Evie when she's upset. This is obviously right before she calmed down.
One of my all-time favorite pictures of her thus far.
My dad came back last night to see Evie and to pick me up to bring me back to the Seattle area today.
She took a little nap on Adam's chest while we were watching a movie last night.
Here are my cute parents with Evie.
She wasn't too happy about getting her first sponge bath.
Cute Susannah is trying to comfort her.
One of the last things we had to do before I left today was to play a little dress up with the cutest little elf outfit I found. We had to do a little photo shoot.
I bought the dress and the tights. We got them on her and thought she needed a hat. Susannah had made Evie, herself, and Adam matching "meatheat hats." They were not quite the right color, but it definitely worked with the elf motif.
We couldn't stop laughing - she was so cute.
Doing a little bit of stretching.
My dad and Adam were joking that it looked like she was throwing out gang signs.
I am so sad I had to leave, but I'll definitely look forward to seeing her in the near future and keeping myself posted on Susannah's blog!


Susannah said...

She is so cute, isn't she?! We sure do miss Auntie Alona so much already! Can't wait until February

deej said...

She is the cutest little elfess I've ever seen!

crack'n up ourselves said...

That elf outfit is sooo cute! I love seeing all the pictures!

Jessica said...

She is adorable, and just wait, she'll just keep getting more fun!

Dadra said...

Oh my she is sooo adorable. I love the Elf costume too. Makes me excited for our own little one coming soon!!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

She looks like a little doll in her carseat. how precious! Love the elf pics...very cute outfit.

Gene said...

Such good pictures!

Kristal said...

she is so so pretty!

That elf costume is mean. She'll hate you guys in a few years.

ok, she's a bushman, she won't know how to're lucky for that!

j&krosser said...

So dang cute!! Both the baby and the aunt :)