Monday, July 25, 2011

Utah Visits

After leaving Idaho, I headed toward UT for some rapid fire visits of some friends before I headed back to TX.
My first stop was to see Collette.  I have to add a disclaimer that I had just exercised and hadn't showered yet, so please excuse my face in this picture.  Collette looks great as usual! :)
After staying with Collette, I headed to SLC to see my old roommate and good friend, Allie.  Here she is with her two little girls Megan and Adele.
It couldn't have been a more perfect day for me to visit her because her whole family was getting together for a pool party.  I hadn't seen everyone in years so it was perfect!
Here's her dad with Adele.  He had on sunglasses and his reading glasses.  He and his wife just got back from serving as mission presidents in South Africa for 3 years.  I wish I would have gone to visit while they were there!
This is Allie's sister Jen with 3 of her kids.  She was my roommate for a year at BYU too!
I hadn't gotten Kim yet in the group shot yet so I made sure to get her with her two kiddos before I left.
We set this one on a timer and it turned out blurry.  Oh well!
After leaving Allie's the next day, I met up with Elliott and one of his friends for lunch.
I then went down to Provo and caught Kirsten and her fiance Scott just before they left town.  
It was great to catch up with her as well.  She had just gotten engaged that week.
That night I stayed with Daylen and Scarlet again.  I never got a whole family picture of them again, but I thought I'd put this one in of Valeska.  She turned 4 the day after I left.
I had lunch in Provo with Joe, Brittany, and their cute little Stella at the Brick Oven.  Notice the Y in the background. :) 
I snuck in a quick viewing of Harry Potter then headed back to the Salt Lake area to hang out with Nate.  Julie Larson was there too, but I totally forgot to grab a picture with her.  She had a bridal shower to go to, so she didn't hang out very long.  Nate and I went to a Chinese buffet.  His powers of persuasion haven't faded.  He got me to eat a crab leg, some sushi, and a mussel.  The first two weren't bad, but I actually gagged twice with the mussel.  Never again!  He even ate a few that he thought were gross, but pretended to like them so I'd eat one!!!!!
We had his mom take a picture of us.  This is one of 6.  He's making ridiculous faces in all of them.  I just picked the one of me I liked best! :)  Also, I think this is the only one where he's actually looking at the camera.
This one is not actually in Utah, but it fits.  I left UT and made a 15.5 hour trip to Midland.  I've got quite a bit of family there and my Aunt Margene was kind enough to let me stay with them.  It's a double bonus though, because not only do she and my Uncle Blaine live there, but my Uncle Darrell and Aunt Darla do as well.  I had another camera lapse and didn't think to take a picture of all 4 of them when we were all chatting the night I arrived.  I didn't see either of my uncles on Sunday because of meetings.  I did get my cute aunts, though!  I made it home Sunday night!

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Susannah said...

So fun! I like all those Poulsens and everyone else too! I am finally getting caught up on my blog too!