Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's been a great visit with my family here in Covington.
My brother likes to "chop" and "poke" his sisters. I had him pose for the picture right after he said one of my favorite quotes. I asked him why he always has to chop and this is his response, "I'm Asian - that's what we do!" It totally cracked me up.
One of our first things to do as a family was to head out to Bremerton. We went out to the Pier and walked around for awhile.
My dad posed next to this statue.
The main reason we headed to Bremerton was to take the ferry right to Seattle. I took this one of my parents. If you look closely in the background, you can see Mt. Rainier.
The scenery was so amazing!
I got a better shot of Rainier. I'm glad we went on a clear day.
I got this one as we were coming into Seattle.
Here's the fam (minus the Warrs)!
We spent a lot of time at home. My dad was up to his garden business here. This furrower was pretty cool. It's super old.
Last Sunday we had the Hongs over for dinner. They're good friends of mine that I met in Houston, but have moved to the Seattle area. It was great to see them.
Adam really liked playing with their son.
On the 4th of July, my parents and I woke up super early to go on a hike up to Twin Falls. Right off the bat, my dad found these huge raspberries that we snacked on a little.
The hike was so beautiful. It reminded me a lot of my hike up to the Laughton Glacier in Alaska last summer.
Some of it reminded me of Hawaii!
I loaded my big frame backpack up and brought it to get in some practice with it since I'm going on my Havasupai hike in just a couple of days.
There were some big fir trees that were pretty impressive. My parents posed for me in front of this one. They don't look overly happy, but we were having a great time!
I caught the sun coming over this ridge.
Up at the falls, they have these wooden bridges that were pretty cool.
I think this is the highest waterfall in the area.
This is the big one just below it a little.
Cute mom posing in front of the big waterfall.
That backpack made me work pretty hard. You can probably tell by my red face. The sad thing is that it was in the 50s and I'm going to be hiking 7-8 miles further and in temperatures 30-40 degrees warmer soon.
Here's another giant fir tree!
We went home after the hike and went to a movie called "Super 8" and we all loved it. Not too long after that, we started up the grill for our 4th of July BBQ.
Maren from good old Joseph City joined us. I hadn't seen her for quite awhile and was glad to see another familiar face. She's been living in the Seattle area for almost 10 years.
I had to throw in a picture of cute little Ruffian. Poor little guy is starting to lose his hearing. He's about 12 years old.
Ruffy actually was begging to come kayaking with us. Adam and I are out on the kayaks in this picture.
We went to a cute little lake called Lake Morton. This picture is of my mom and Adam.
They had some pretty lily pads there.
My mom and I headed to the temple tonight. When we came out, the sun was almost down, it was just showing on the spire. I head out in the morning for my quick trip to AZ!


Wendy Sue said...

These are some really great pictures (minus me with my "hat head") and some really great times!!

Susannah said...

I wish we could have been there with you. Looks fun!