Monday, October 3, 2011

Grandma Evans

On Monday, September 26th, I received word that my Grandma Evans had passed away.
This is a picture taken in her younger years.  She was born September 24th, 1915, so she'd just celebrated her 96th birthday 2 days before she passed away.
This is a picture I took of Grandma and my sister at Susannah's wedding reception in Boise, ID back in June of 2009.  She was pretty weak and had lost a lot of weight, but she still looked like grandma.
We visited her this summer just after Lake Powell and she was very frail, could barely speak, and her memory was going.  She continued to decline after that until her passing.  What a great lady.  We're so sad to see her go, but I'm very happy that she's now free from pain and can be with Grandpa Evans and our Heavenly father.  Click HERE to read her obituary.
I flew in to SLC on Thursday, September 29th and my good friend Allie picked me up.  Here she is with her cute oldest daughter Megan.  Not only did she pick me up, but we went back to the airport to pick up Susannah and Evie a few hours later!
Here are Allie's girls and Evie playing.  They were so cute together.  Allie's kindness didn't end there, though. My parents drove in from Seattle and Allie fixed us all dinner!  She also let us borrow an extra pack and play for Evie to sleep in over the weekend.  Our trip wouldn't have been nearly as smooth without Allie!
On a side (but very important) note.  Thursday was also my parents' 39th wedding anniversary.  I thought I'd post this wedding picture of my parents with all their parents - who are now all deceased.  My Grandma Evans is next to my mom.  To see these fantastic people in their prime revisit THIS post!
Here's my mom with her siblings:  Bob, Norma, and Janice at the viewing before the funeral.  Here's a snippet from my Grandma's life sketch that my mom wrote and I read at the funeral.  This picture made me think of it:  
Norma and Janice were little red haired girls, Bob was blond and both LaVerne and Glyn were dark haired. The story goes that Grandma North was visiting for church one Sunday and saw those 3 children sitting together and said, “Honest to John, LaVerne, those kids don’t look like they belong to you.” 
My mom was born 8 years later and had the dark hair like her parents.
Here are some of my cousins/cousin's husbands carrying the coffin before the graveside service.
Of course Evie made everything fun - even a funeral.  I love that baby!
Just previous to the grave dedication by my dad.
Evie liked the headstone.  She actually likes everything!
They hadn't yet engraved Grandma's death date in the headstone.
I got a couple of videos of Evie at the graveyard.  She really wanted to be down on the ground.
This is her new crawl - like a stinkbug or spider monkey!  In the background you may hear my mom thinking about setting me up with a friend of the family who's in his 60s.  Hmmmmm.
We stopped back by the cemetery after the lunch at the church and they'd already covered her up.  The cemetery has a beautiful view of the mountains!
Here are my cute parents next to the grave.
Some of the beautiful flowers left there at her grave.
We drove through Provo Canyon to get over to Lehi where we stayed the next two nights.  
I'm always amazed at how beautiful the mountains are in that drive through the canyon.
Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.
I had to snap this quick one too.  This town and this mill are in the movie "Footloose."
My cute parents again. We stayed Thursday night with my mom's cousin Jim in Heber, but we stayed with my cousin on my dad's side for the other two nights. 
Evie has a hard time crawling in her footie pjs so she was wearing them more as a dress when she was playing around before bed.
I though this was a cute video of Susannah and Evie reading Evie's favorite book.  It has a mirror on the last page and Evie really likes looking at herself.  She has a cute reaction in this video, but I was too late to get the more dramatic reactions.  She was squealing the previous two times through this book.  The camera ruined it! 
This is my cousin Desiree and her husband Kurt.  They were the kind folks who hosted us at their house Friday and Saturday nights.  We spent Saturday watching General Conference at her house.
Desiree did invite her local siblings and their families over for a grilling evening before the Priesthood session.  Here's Daylen with Evie.
I'm not sure what my dad was retrieving over the fence for Kurt, but I thought this was amusing.
Here's Donovan and my dad with Daylen's boys in the background.
I love these girls.  I also love this windblown model shot of my mom!
Evie had some oatmeal after the BBQ.  She got it ALL over her face.
I took this video to give you a better handle on how bad it was!
I LOVE Evie's "scrunchy face."  Susannah got her started on it, and with some prompting, she kept it going a lot during that feeding.
Another great side view of the scrunchy face.  She's a funny kid!
Front view mid blink.
Sunday morning Susannah, Evie, and I flew out.  My parents dropped us off at the airport and then they drove back to Seattle.  
I waited for Susannah and Evie to board their plane and then headed to my gate.  On my way, I saw this out of the airport window - a temple.  I think it might be the Bountiful temple, but I'm not positive.  It was a great close to my trip to UT.  What a visual reminder that families can be together forever.  That's what's most important.


Susannah said...

What a nice post! I need to get all those pictures. Dad was getting the tomatoes for Kurt that were growing on the other side of the fence!

Wendy Sue said...

Great post!! I loved it!!

Hansen Family said...

Love the post! Your Grandma looks so sweet! I am pretty sure Mike's parents house is in one of your pictures. They live off the cemetery in Heber.