Saturday, November 5, 2011

Car Trouble

A few weeks ago, I walked out of work and saw a flat tire on my car.
Upon closer examination, I saw this sticking out of the tire.  I must have run over this on my way to work and it slowly drained the air from my tire.
I got the car jacked up and got the tire off, then headed to my trunk to get my donut.
I started unscrewing it, but it got to a point that it wouldn't unscrew any more.  I pulled out my pliers and got a few more turns, but it was really stuck.  Just then, my coworker, Jake, came out and I asked him to give it a try.  He couldn't budge it anymore.  I'm super glad that I joined AAA a few years ago.  I called them and they sent someone right over.  He couldn't get it unscrewed either.  Apparently the bolt had rusted on the bottom.  The AAA guy had to call the concierge for Market Street and borrow some bolt cutters.  He finally got it off and got my tire put on.  I went by discount tire, but they had just closed, so I went back the next day after work and they fixed my tire for free!  I'm very happy with AAA and with Discount Tire!
Last week, I went out to my garage to head to work.  I got in my car and it wouldn't start.  I called AAA again and they had people out there in minutes.  They ran some tests and found it was just a dead battery.  They had a bunch of new batteries in their truck so I just bought one from them, they installed it, and I was on my way.  I'm glad I decided to join and think it's funny that I haven't used them at all for these last few years, but then twice within two weeks or so!


Wendy Sue said...

Lots of good posts today!! I was glad to catch up on your life in pictures!!

Susannah said...

I'm with mom!