Sunday, August 12, 2012

A New Car!!!!

A little while ago Katherine approached me about possibly selling my car to her sister Samira.  I wasn't sure at first, but the idea grew and grew until I decided it would be a good idea!
 I had been drooling over the newer CR-Vs so after Samira test drove the Silver Bullet, I started looking at CR-Vs.
 I found one I liked and got a 2010 Certified Pre-Owned one that I LOVE!  It's the only thing that makes parting with the Silver Bullet bearable.
 Sorry - I had to get a few angles for my own welfare.  I've had the Civic since 2001 and it has just over 162,000 miles on it.  Still going strong too!
 Samira came to pick it up last Monday.  She was so excited.  She just got her license this week!
 Here we are with Katherine as well!  Great girls! :)
 I had Jen snap a few quick ones of me in the new car.  Still thinking about a name . . . I'm thinking Brigham.:)  Maybe Briggs for short!  What do you think?
It's pretty much fully loaded and I'm loving it! :)


Wendy Sue said...

Remember when you test drove the silver bullet ~ when I saw you in it I knew that was the car for you? Well you look just as perfect in "Brigham". I love it!

Ivo Beutler said...

The CR-V is quite a good exchange for your silver bullet. You always wanted to have that amazing car, and it’s great that you were able to find one so quickly. You and Samira must be really happy for finally having your dream cars. Both are still looking so attractive and good as new.  Anyway, Brigham is a great car name. It sounds formal and catchy, and I think the name suits your car well.

Ivo Beutler