Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Warr Visit

I couldn't wait until Christmas to see The Warrs so I headed out there last weekend for a short little visit.
I made the girls some hats and here they are sporting the fall colored ones.  
Evie does these cute little fake smiles when asked to smile for a picture.  They crack me up.  This is the first of quite a few in this post.
Here's example number two.  She is a cute little thing!
Penny has grown so much!  I guess the last time I saw her in real life was just a couple days after she was born.  
She's just recently learned to roll over and is a SUPER smiley baby!
I was excited to hear that we would be visiting a corn maze during my visit.
The Griffins got tickets for it.  It's always great to see them!
Some of the corn was pretty tall.  It was hard to navigate around.
Erika held Penny in Susannah's little sling so she got a good nap in.
Susannah had to carry Evie for most of the time we were in the maze because poor little Evie got sick on the way over to the maze.
She was wearing a cute Halloween outfit I brought her, but she threw up all over it so Susannah put her in one of Penny's onsies.  Luckily her vest was unscathed at this point.
Once we got out of the maze she must have been feeling a little better because she wanted to walk around and look at the rides and games that were going on.  I got a kick out of how she was walking around.
We did a little hay ride around as well.
The weather was really nice, but it was SO dusty out there!
Here I am with the Cute Warr family.  Evie's wearing the other hat I made her.
Her stomach had definitely settled because she showed me her mad scooter skills when we got back.
Sunday between conference sessions we went for a walk to the park.  I loved the view of Penny in that little carrier.  
I love her smiles too!
I miss them already!
We then went to look at some of the houses Adam and Susannah were looking at.  I had to get an aunt/niece picture since Erika was with us.
Loving Evie's smile in this one!
One thing I loved was that Evie would hold Penny's hand or arm - especially in the car where they ride right next to each other.
It's too bad that my phone camera is so slow.  I couldn't quite get the kiss in time!
This pic of Evie reminded me of pictures of me at this age.  Evie's mouth was full of chicken nuggets at this point.
A cheesy breakfast smile!
Susannah got her Halloween outfit all washed so she could wear it before I flew out on Monday.  Cute smile on a cute girl in a cute outfit!
You can see the skirt better from this angle.  Evie LOVES books!
Here's Susannah making Penny laugh.  Sorry these videos are on their side.
This is part one of Adam playing with the girls.
Part 2.  I was super sad to leave!
I had a long layover on my trip home, so I arranged to meet up with Jinny, my best friend from High School and we had a great time catching up!  Not he best picture, but it's the only I had! :)


adam warr said...

You got some cute pictures of those little cuties! We miss you already too. Evie loves her new skirt!


Wendy Sue said...

Great pictures, I'm jealous of everything except the vomit!