Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chappell Group Party

It was time for another Chappell Group party.  They were nice enough to come out to my neck of the woods.
I made some Navajo Tacos and some pies for dessert.  They were a big hit.  These are two of my favorite people!
What a fun group of ladies.  I work with Linda (left) and the other 3 are wives of co-workers:  Elizabeth is Brad's wife, Michelle is Jake's wife, and Kristie is Michael's wife.
Here are the guys loading up their plates.  L-R: Brent, Brad, Jake, Neal, and Michael.
We were going to have a ping pong tournament, but spent our time visiting instead.  These 4 did get some doubles games in.  They were hilarious to watch.
Favorites from this video:  Brent singing "Victory" and Michael doing the neck slitting.  Funny!
I love when Michael says, "Yeah, that backhand just happened, Moon" and when Brad tells Jake to "just picture them naked."
Brent was nice enough to bring me some lovely lillies.
Rob and Jan brought me this cute Christmas cactus.
I really enjoyed having everyone over.  Robert was there too and it was fun to mix those two worlds for the first time.  
This wasn't from that night, but Rob and Jan gave Linda and I both these plants for Valentine's Day.  


Wendy Sue said...

Looks like a fun party, Dad thought the ping-pong players looked pretty good but he thinks he can take 'em!

adam warr said...

I miss the Chappell's...and ping pong!