Monday, February 11, 2013


I had to do a post about Christmas even though I already uploaded most of these pictures to Facebook!
This is my Christmas tree at home this year.  I sure love getting the real ones.
I also love decorating it with natural stuff like sliced dried citrus.  They look like little stain glass windows.
I headed out to Boise the night of the 23rd.  The next morning I took Evie to this exploration science place.  She really liked it.  This picture turned out more clear because the mirror wasn't moving at the time. . . 
but this one was definitely cuter of Miss Evie and her cute little fake smile.
After looking around for quite awhile, we played in the park for a bit.  I sure enjoyed my Evie date!
My parents and The Giant showed up later that day (Christmas Eve).  My dad had fun dressing Penny up.
We enjoyed seeing a little snow around Boise.
Evie had to dress up too once she saw my picture of Penny.
Penny is just too cute and smiley!
Adam got my dad and The Giant grills for Christmas.  It was pretty funny.
Adam's didn't quite fit, but he tried really hard.  His had vampire fangs.
Evie had fun passing out the presents for awhile.
That night we all went and had Christmas dinner at the Warr's house.  It was a lot of fun and very nice of them to include us Bushmans in the festivities.
Later on that week, we went to go see the lights at the Botanical Gardens.  It was SOOO cold!  Here's Vic with cute little Evie.
Here's most of the Bushman crew freezing our tails off.
We all had fun walking with or holding the girls.
Penny does not look happy and Adam's hand looks deformed.
Adam's birthday was the 28th.  It was fun celebrating his birthday.  Also fun, that was the day that Robert came to Idaho to meet the family!
The next day was Evie's birthday.  She loved wearing her crown from her first birthday last year.  It didn't quite fit her head unless she wore it upside down.
She got lots of fun Elmo stuff.  She loved the Elmo cell phone I got her.
After breakfast and opening presents, we headed up to Placerville for more fun with the Warrs.  There was lots more snow there than at Boise.
Everyone had fun "sledding" AKA hooking a boogie board up to a 4 wheeler.
The Adams are giving my mom and Susannah a ride here.
The Giant is pulling Adam and Sus.
Mad pulled Robert for awhile.  I was trying to take pictures from the back of the 4 wheeler.
I had to get this video of Robert's shenanigans.  He was going faster before this video, but I requested a slow down while I was riding backwards and filming at the same time.
We went for a walk after that.  I love that Evie smiles for pictures now.
Adam doesn't smile for pictures now . . . 
Robert and me on the walk.
Evie really liked Robert and could say his name really well.
Licking some icicles.
While we were on the walk, my dad created a big fox and geese course.  We played for awhile and it REALLY wore everyone out.  The snow was really powdery and hard to run through, but we had a great time!
Here's a quick little video to give you an idea.
Sus and me in our matching hats.
Susannah made some super cute Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes for the celebrations.
Evie loved them!
Happy Birthday!

I love this picture of Chris with the girls!
We took some "family pictures" in our matching shirts.
The cute little Warr family.
Here's everyone in a nice picture.  Nice until you notice that my dad snuck his grill in!
We had to get one with the wax lips my dad brought everyone.
My cute parents.
Robert let me cut his hair.  He had to join the ranks of those friends and family members who can't make normal faces in pictures.
I had some fun with it! :) 

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