Sunday, June 23, 2013

Austin Reception

Two weeks after we were married, we had another reception in Austin.
It was at Robert's sister Marcia's house.  She had this cute box for cards.
We had an ice cream bar and it was really good!
They did cupcakes instead of a cake.
The arrangement was really cute.
Matt had fun playing with his cousin Kelly while we were getting ready and helping to set up a little.
Scott and Russell made some homemade rootbeer that was delicious.
I was excited to see my cousin Wendy and her daughter Cecily at the reception.  Brandt came too, but he was up playing with Matt.
A couple of Robert's chain mail friends came to the reception.  It was good meet them and their wives.
I thought this was a cute shot of Scott and Cynde.
Robert was threatening to not be so nice at this reception, so I had to pull out a mean look for him.
Luckily he was just teasing and he was patient as I tried to bite that cupcake!
I think he did a better job.
They had these delightful little pirouettes.  We thought they were hard candy sticks, but I was pleasantly wrong!


Wendy Sue said...

It's so much more fun to look at your blog than it is to pack and clean!

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