Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, The Mexican!

Tuesday was Abraham's 25th birthday!
We took him to one of his favorite restaurants. He loves Fuddruckers for some reason! He was pretty lucky - the only guy with 4 girls. It was a fun night.
He loves to get the pound burgers there! Seriously! He actually didn't quite finish it, but got pretty dang close!


Amanda Holbrook said...

Happy Birthday to Abraham! I am glad you all got to celebrate together. :) I have never eaten at Fuddruckers but have heard of those huge burgers. So much meat!!!! :)

mom said...

Happy Birthday Abraham!!

Kristal said...

Fuddruckers is the best. We love their guac burger. Mmm, I love hamburgers. I want to eat one on Wed. after my final weigh in, and some french fries and a big shake, and...anyways, happy birthday Mexican!