Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Fun

I had a busy, but fun Saturday!
Susannah and I started the day with some sand volleyball in the Woodlands. I didn't remember to take any pictures so I just nabbed this one on google images from this website.
Later on that day, we headed down to our cousin's daughter's baptism. Her name's Lauren and she's so cute! This is a picture her mother, Wendy, took. She's a fantastic photographer. If any of you are in the Houston area and are looking for a photgrapher, you should check her out. There's a link to her photography blog on my "Things to check out" list at the side of my blog.
Wendy's friend made this fantastic cake for a treat after the baptism. It was ridiculously cute.
I snapped this shot of Lauren right as they started cutting the cake.
I couldn't resist taking another quick shot of the detail on the side of the cake. Amazing! I love the kids in the background as well! They were swarming the cake.
Our cousin, Heather and her family came down for the baptism as well. She's Lauren's aunt. We had to take a quick girl cousin picture. We should have stuck Eric in there as well, though. He was the only other EE Bushman cousin there!
I got a picture of the Arthur Bushman cousins that were present. They're all such cuties.
This is a picture of our cousin Eric's family. We LOVE them!
Wendy's going to be mad at me for this part of the post. Their little Brandt is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen and I'm so excited that he has the Turley fingers. I think they're the cutest thing. I had to snap this picture of them when he was crawling around. Wendy saw me and said, "Great, here comes another post!" Sorry, Wendy! I also have to add some quotes from Mike, Heather's husband, and Susannah:
Mike - "Freakin' Turleys!"
Susannah - "They've cursed us all!"
It made me laugh!
Here's a group shot of all the family that was at the baptism. It was good to see Art, Gene, and Heather and her family since I hadn't seen them for awhile. I love my family! This was taken with the timer on my camera and I got a corner of the car in it and it's a little crooked. Oh well!
After visiting for awhile at Eric and Wendy's we went to a mission farewell party for the lovely Hulme twins. They leave in a tad bit more than a week.

There were tons of people there and they performed for part of it. They took my request and sang the Lak Me song again, but this time with accompaniment and without any bumps in the road. It was beautiful.

It was longer than I thought, so I gladly filmed some more! No complaints here!

The girls did a trio with their mom as well. Since they were going to be gone for the next two Christmases and the Hulmes usually do Christmas concerts, they decided to do a Christmas song - one of my favorites. It's called Breath of Heaven. I think it was first recorded by Amy Grant. They did a 3 part version of it that was really pretty.
We had a fun visit with Bridgette and her boyfriend, Jason when we got home from the Hulme's. Bridgette moved here on Saturday from North Carolina for 3 months with her traveling nurse position. She couldn't get into her apartment that day so they got to stay with us. Yahoo! I stole this picture off of her Facebook page. Yahoo for Joseph City friends!


Valerie said...

I could listen to thos4e Hulme sisters forever. Are either of them coming to Utah for her mission? =)

Matt and Andrea said...

Umm...totally jealous of their voices. I'm wil Val. Either of them coming to Utah?

Kristal said...

Um, they look like a married couple. They need to get married and have cute smart babies!
And that cake really is fantastic! Mmm, cake, I love cake. I think I'll eat one on Wed after the final weigh in...and a half gallon of ice cream, and a Mr. G's pizza, and, um, anyway, when are you coming to JC again?

Alona said...

Clark girls - sadly the Hulmes will only be in Utah for the MTC. Brittany is going to Bolivia and Brianna is going to Thailand! Crazy! Kristal - I don't know when I'm coming next, but one thing's for sure - I'm way overdue!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

wow, Matt will be way jealous when I tell him you were at the BYU game. We were disappointed in the game too. So sad.

Wow, I've heard the Hulmes are muscians and I believe it.

Amanda Holbrook said...

The cake is amazing! I love it! I will pass along your info on the photographer too. The photo looks beautiful! You had a super busy Saturday, all filled with wonderful things! I miss you guys