Sunday, November 9, 2008


I don't really have anything to post about in my life at the moment. Things are great - but nothing exciting right now. I was browsing around Facebook and on people's blogs and I found some pictures that I loved and thought I'd share.
These first two I "borrowed" from Dionna's Facebook profile. I loved this one of Adam. He's so handsome!
These are the last cousins of the Bushman clan. Dionna, in the blue shirt, is the youngest. Adam's next and Shanna's the 3rd youngest. Lance isn't next in sequence, but we like him anyway! I'm glad they all got together for some cousin fun at BYU.
I got this last one from Kristal's blog. She scanned it in so now I don't have to. It was another fun trip down memory lane. This was Homecoming my senior year of HS. My best friend, Jinny and I went with boys from our rival HS. Those were the days!


mom said...

Those are great pictures of everyone. It really is a cute picture of Adam. I'll just keep my mouth shut about anyone you may be with. It sure doesn't seem like much time has passed since "those days".

Kristal said...

and of coarse I went with the amazing staci...whatta dreamboat! When are you coming to Az? Aunt Karen STILL misses you!