Saturday, November 1, 2008

Carvin' Pumpkins

For FHE earlier this week, we decided to carve some pumpkins for our activity.
It all began innocently enough, but things started to get a little weird when . . .
Brock stuck a big chunk of pumpkin guts in his mouth - seeds and all. He actually did eat some of it.
The rest of us were a little less daring to begin with. Abraham had his butternut squash eat some, but he ended up trying some guts himself.
Nate told Carlisa that if she ate a small bite, he'd eat a huge handful. He didn't think she'd do it, but she did so he had to eat a bunch!
He was NOT enjoying it. Mercifully, she told him he didn't have to finish eating it. The pulp was out of his mouth in a flash. I tried some raw butternut squash and it was pretty good.
Here are our finished products. We used stencils on two - I bet you can't tell which ones! :) Kirsten did the fantastic spider web. Brock and Tatum did the ghost. Abraham did the one between them, Nate did the bright little guy on the right and Carlisa did the one on the far right!
Here's the crew minus Susannah who took the picture.

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