Saturday, January 17, 2009

Faucet Drama

On Thanksgiving day, I had a not so happy surprise. I found a major leak under my kitchen sink. We got it cleaned up and have kept buckets underneath it, but it has still been leaking. I called a repair guy through my home warranty company to fix it in Dec. but it continued to leak. He came back and said it was the faucet, but it wasn't covered under the warranty. He said he'd install a new faucet for $200, but I decided to try it myself.
Here's the before shot. I bought a new faucet at Lowe's, got all the tools assembled and set to work. Apparently, I'm not strong enough to loosen some of the nuts. I couldn't get a good angle.
I called my dad for some technical support, called Abraham, my Uncle Darrell, and finally conned Nate into coming to help me get it installed. I couldn't have done it without him! Thanks, Nate!
Here's the finished product! It looks great and works perfectly! Yahoo!


Matt and Andrea said...

I'm totally impressed that you even attempted to change the faucet on your own. I still try to wrangle the neighbors into fixing things for me if Matt's not home!

Jennifer said...

I like the new faucet! I'm impressed you attempted as well. Nice to have a working one :)