Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun times of late

I've not posted super recently so I have a few things to update on.
First of all, New Years! We went over to Kirsten's brother & sister-in-law's house for some fondue fun early in the evening. It was such a fun time! Kim, Susannah, and I came back to the funhouse and set up my new surround sound system and then had fun watching favorite parts to movies with excellent things to listen to. We finally watched Phantom of the Opera and then rang in the New Year with watching the neighborhood fireworks outside. Very low key, but fun.
Kirsten's sister in law has this awesome height chart that I LOVED! I want to have one of those if I ever get to have some kiddos!
We started the new year right with a car cleaning party. Susannah, Kirsten, Abraham, and I went on a bike ride and then majorly cleaned all of our cars - inside and out.
We had to make sure our memories were recorded from both angles.
Abraham was being Mr. Fixit and helping us with all sorts of little car issues. He loved it.
Another fun thing was heading to the zoo with Nate and his kids. They wanted their pictures taken all over the place. Here are 3 of them.
Here are all 5 with Nate. It was a fun day.


Dadra said...

Happy New Year...looks like you had a fun night ringing in 2009. We hope this year is a great one for you!

kristal said...

first off, we need to resize your header. I'll do that right now and send it yoru way. Second. Nate has a bunch of really cute kids. I think I'll go have another. Always inspired by your blog!

Steven said...

Your house looks amazing -and I am so envious of the warm climate. I could use some green grass right about now.