Saturday, January 17, 2009

Go Green for Kim!

Last Friday was Kim's birthday. We decided to throw her a party at the Bushman Funhouse. Kim and I share something in common. We both LOVE green. Since she loved it so much, Susannah had a the great idea to have a green themed party.
I made this cake and decorated it with kiwi fruit and green sprinkles.
People brought tons more green food as well. Everyone even dressed in green. When people came in and saw the kitchen, it was a little shocking to them. It sort of threw us all for a loop seeing that much green. You can see Susannah's lime green rice krispie treats in this picture as well. No one would eat them at first because they looked so . . . unnatural!
I loved these chocolate dipped pretzels that Katherine and Stacie brought.
Here are a few of the people that came. We had about 20 give or take. I'm proud to say that everyone wore some shade of green. Way to participate, everyone!
Kim and Cynthia are showcasing my lovely green jell-o jigglers.
Here's Kim getting ready to blow out the candles.
We found these awesome candles and I couldn't resist taking another shot. I thought it looked pretty cool.
The inside of the cake was green. That yellow color was supposed to be lime green, but it didn't really turn out that way. Oh well. It was a hit. We played games too, even though it looks like we only ate green food all night.

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Amanda Holbrook said...

I think you all are the funnest people in the entire world! You always do such amazing little things for others that are actually BIG things that mean so much. I am so inspired by you both! This party looks fun. I love those pretzels too... such temptation.