Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brazos Bend

I had a fun little day trip yesterday. I went with Nate and his kids to Brazos Bend State Park just south of Houston.
It was a really pretty area and I brought my nice camera so I started taking pictures of the cute kids. Here's cute little Junior.
Here's Lexie!
I loved Jackson's face in this shot. So did he . . .
Junior had such a dirty face from cotton candy, that I couldn't stop taking pictures of him.
Cotton candy and Funions are sort of a disgusting combination.
Gavin's glasses cracked me up, but I love this picture of him.
I also loved this picture of Madison.
We cooked out some hot dogs for lunch before we went for the main attraction.
We stopped in at the visitors center to see some wildlife we could touch. I actually touched a snake after some begging by the kids. It creeped me out. We all touched this baby alligator too.
Don't look, Susannah! They had a tarantula there. I did not touch it, but Gavin and Junior did!
We saw our first big alligator just down from the visitor's center. he was just relaxing in the water and getting some sun.
Gus, Nate's dog, threw up some nasty stuff just as we were leaving the visitor's center.
We drove to another spot over by the lake and that's where we got to see some BIG alligators up close and personal. This was the first one we saw super up close. It was on the grass right next to the walking path.
Gavin didn't see it and almost ran over it's tail with his bike. He was probably a foot away. It scared me to death! All the kids were a little more careful on their bikes after that near tragedy.
Nate tried to pump Junior on Maddie's bike for awhile, but it didn't really work out.
The trail was so pretty - especially in this little section. We saw several alligators along this path. They were in the grass right next to the path!
I loved this swampy side too. It was so pretty and it was a nice day!
I had the kids stop just past this alligator to show how close we were to them! They never moved when we went by, just their eyes, I guess, but they were enjoying the sun too much.
This was probably the biggest one we saw.
These two were just down from the one in the previous picture.
At the end of the really pretty trail there's a tall tower you can climb up and see for a long way. It was pretty cool. I was up at the top and Jack was posing for some pictures down on the ground. It was a great day.


lance said...

I love Brazos Bend.

Wendy Sue said...

That was terrifyingly impressive!!