Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monster Jam

This post is mostly about the monster jam, but is also about the awesome ping pong tournament we had at my house this weekend! I didn't even have to organize it. Julie took care of business again.
We had a really good turn out and a lot of fun. Probably besides the ping pong, we all enjoyed hitting each other with those "snaps" or "pops" that you get from the firework stands. My dad had given me some for Christmas and we used them all on Friday night.
Sadly, I did not win. Jason took the championship this time. There's always next time, though! I had to include the brackets in this post because the doodling on it totally cracked me up.
On Saturday evening Collette, Megan, and I went to the Monster Jam down at the Reliant Stadium. We even dressed up for it. Here are Megan and Collette in their white trash (but still cute) outfits.
I thought this Turtle truck was pretty cool looking. His poor shell got cracked by the end of the night, though!
Here are Collette and I enjoying the festivities. Notice she was the smart one who brought earplugs. Next time!
Grave Digger is the most popular truck that was there. He wrecked in the first round of racing which really bummed us out because he's the most daring in the free style round, but not worries, he got all fixed up in between races.
He was even in the racing finals with Ironman. He had to settle for second, though. We had to watch the replay, but it was Ironman by a bumper!
Here's that car up close. I thought it looked really cool. It's headlights were a brilliant white like Ironman's in the movie.
The freestyle round was so much fun to watch. Here's the Ninja Turtle jumping over some of the dirt. He caught some serious air.
Here's some crazy air from Ironman too. This big jump was amazing to watch people go off of.
This video shows some truck, I can't remember who, going off the big jump. It was pretty amazing. I never got a good video of it, but this one guy jumped it from the other side and cleared the whole thing. It was awesome. It popped one of the guy's front tires, though!
Here's one of his jumps. He doesn't slow down on his jumps like most of them do. He jumped this whole thing, when most of the trucks did it in two smaller jumps.
This last video was of a couple of his jumps. He jumps from the other side of the big one like I was talking about earlier (the one who popped his tire), but he didn't clear it all the way. I wish I had that other guy on video.
Here's Grave Digger posing after his freestyle round. He is quite a show off, but was definitely the best and most daring.
We wanted to get some pictures of us in front of the arena after the event. Grave Digger is between mine and Megan's heads.
Here are the 3 of us. Deaf, but happy!

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AJ said...

That looks like such a fun time!!! And I presume you weren't going for the white trash look so cute!