Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last day of school

Summer is officially here for me!
My last day of school with the kids was Wednesday, June 2nd. One of the end of the year gifts I gave the kids were these cute bucket hats. They had their classmates sign them. They turned out really cute! The day went really well and I think I was able to get everything done and sent home that needed to be!
After working in my classroom for awhile, I went to the temple as usual. I stopped by the grocery store before I came home so it was pretty late. By the time I was ready to get in bed, it was about 11:30. I put my pajamas behind my pillows and I reached back there to grab them. I heard and felt a THUNK. I looked back there and just saw TEETH!
When I pulled back the pillows, this is what I saw. There's only one person around here right now that would do that - NATE! I asked my roommates if he'd been at our house and Seana confirmed it! That stinker! It took me forever to calm down - my arms and legs were weak from being so scared. I couldn't even take it off my bed, Jen had to do it. Nate was pretty pleased with himself when I talked to him the next day.
Thursday I had to go into school for a work day. Part of our day was a staff meeting. At the end of the meeting, our principal and assistant principal pulled out this huge vase of roses. They proceeded to give roses out to people for special awards. One of them was to our school nurse for all her work this year. When our principal handed her the rose, Janet (the nurse) said, "Yes, I will accept this rose." and then kissed our principal on the cheek! For those of you who've seen the Bachelor, you will understand how hilarious this was. I couldn't stop laughing. Janet is hilarious!

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Wendy Sue said...

You'll have to think up a good payback for Nate, he deserves something major!