Friday, June 18, 2010

Truck Driver!!!!

Today was a good day. It was mainly spent getting ready for my big road trips this summer because I leave tomorrow, but I had some time for a few diversions!
Jen and I went and had lunch at this little place near the airport. They have some good Hawaiian food that I'm going to have to try again!
Then, I got to do something I've wanted to try for quite awhile - drive an 18 wheeler, well minus a few wheels. I just drove the truck without the trailer. Nate was driving one this week for work and was kind enough to let me try it out.
Even though I consider myself a pretty good driver, I was not a natural at this thing! Shifting was pretty hard for me, but I had a good time trying it out.

Here's a video Nate took of me. Watch it if you're bored. I didn't know he was filming at first and he got a good 5 minutes of embarrassing footage of me. We drove mostly in parking lots, but I did head out on Lee road for a short stint, and held up a few cars, because I couldn't figure things out fast enough. I was hoping it was "in the blood" to be a good truck driver, but apparently I'm not meant to do it! :)


Jessica said...

Thats SO COOL! I drove one of Beau's trucks one time too, just like you-it didn't have a trailer and I just drove it from our house down main street! It was pretty cool and I felt like a stud for doing it but I'm pretty sure I would not ever be able to handle the whole thing, which is very crushing to Beau- one of his dreams is for us to be team drivers one day!! HAHAHA!

Humberto Decius said...

It’s quite rare to see a lady truck driver, but you actually nailed it! Next time you should try it with the trailer on to maximize you stability control for driving. Truck drivers have a tough job, but after watching the five-minute video, I can see that you have it in you to be a lady truck driver! You’ve got the control and perception to be able to control a vehicle as big as a truck. What’s more, truck drivers have a decent salary and great benefits too.
Humberto Decius