Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Robbie

This last week I had what I called on Facebook a "crash course in motherhood."
I got to babysit my old Bishop's grandson, Robbie, from Sunday June 6th to Saturday, June 12th. This first picture was from last Sunday. He's a smiley kid, but I couldn't get him to smile in a picture this first day.
Monday we got some good ones. I had Jen playing with him so I could get some good ones.
I love this face! He's 7 months old and about 22 pounds.
This is my absolute favorite picture from the whole week. He really loved taking baths and was so much fun!
Wednesday I took him blueberry picking. He was really good natured and I thought I'd be able to stay for awhile, but he was really enthralled with the leaves and he kept picking them and trying to eat them!
What a cute kid!
This a picture of a little mishap that happened! During one of Robbie's naps, I had taken a shower and was working on getting my hair done. He woke up before I was finished, so I changed him and had him laying on his back on my bed. I didn't have any of his toys upstairs, but I did have one of those little mini plastic bottles full of that sugary candy stuff that one of my students had given me at the end of school. It was sealed and still in the plastic wrapper and I thought it was just the right size for him (too big to have him choke on it and too small for him to think it was a real bottle) to play with for a few minutes. He was having a great time playing with it. He'd had it for about 2-3 minutes and during one of my glances I noticed that he'd somehow got it open!!!!!!! Don't ask me how! He had a pile of blue candy on his chest and had just put the top in his mouth, so he got a taste of candy! I couldn't believe it - I didn't think there was any possible way he could open that, but he found a way! I didn't give him any more candy toys!
I decided to have a little photo shoot outside with Robbie on one of the days.
He wasn't loving the sun in his eyes, but he did some cute faces.
He did like the grass, however!
I tried him in the hammock, but the sun was really in his eyes for that one!
And here I am dropping him off yesterday. It was a sad day for me! I already miss that little guy and will surely have to visit him sometime!


Susannah said...

He's so cute!! I'd miss him too. He does look a lot like Brad. I love the candy picture and story. Funny!

Wendy Sue said...

Cute pictures, cute baby, and cute Alona!!


I LOVE the photos! It looks like you had so much fun - I really think Robbie misses you, too. Thanks for doing such a good job watching our little boy. :)

deej said...

What a cutie! And how lucky that his grandparents could leave him with you . . .