Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don Frye

This last week was a crazy one - very sad. Many of you readers who are in the Houston area may have heard about a murder that happened in Atascocita on Monday evening. The man who was shot and killed in his driveway was the husband of my co-worker Liz and the father of my student Dylan.
This is a picture of Don that I took from another co-worker's Facebook page.
Don was a father of 3 - the youngest is the one in my class. He's on the right. I found this picture of him and his kids on his daughter's Facebook page.
I had only met Don a few times, but have really gotten to know and love his wife Liz. I borrowed this photo from Janelle's Facebook photos too.
As of last Thursday night, detectives had no suspects and no leads, so Don's friends, family and neighbors decided to hold a candlelight vigil where they'd pass out flyers about it asking for any information. The did notify the press to get the word out. I got this picture of the channel 12 news van. HERE'S what they had to say about it.
The turn out was incredible. Of the three news stations, it was stated that there were between 200 and 300 people there. Fox news had THIS to say.
I had my friend and co-worker hold up my candle while I took a picture of the scene. HERE'S what the local CBS station had to say about the vigil.
These signs were put up all over the community. To everyone's relief, an arrest was made on Friday morning. I hope it had something to do with people's efforts in getting the word out about what happened. HERE'S the article about the suspect who's being charged. Please keep Liz and her family in your prayers!


Susannah said...

Sad stuff. So sad it happened to such a cute and good family.

Wendy Sue said...

That is nothing but sad. If you get the chance, tell Liz that we care about her and are praying for her and her family.

Amanda said...

I hadn't heard about this. :( So tragic that a young father and husband would be taken. I'm grateful for the community pulling together and for an arrest.