Sunday, April 24, 2011


I received two emails on my school account today that I was really impressed with. Both are regarding the death of Donny Frye that I posted about a couple of posts below this one.
The first one I got was forwarded on to our school from Donny's dad. This is what he wrote:
Friends and Family
Our God who made our magnificent universe as demonstrated in the attached link is the author of all. I believe it's even greater in scale than the link below shows. As visible matter is mostly space, I can in my mind believe we are in a spirit existence now because we really don't understand what matter really is. It (matter) fills a void with infinitesimal points of energy and force in a vastly large expanse. Our God is an Awesome God. I remember as a boy looking at the vastness of space and the stars one night and asked God to explain it all to me someday. I have been intrigued by our universe ever since. I believe God's majesty is infinite including what we see and perceive and what we can't see.
He continues to create. He takes tragedy and despair and if we let him he will raise up new life and spirit like a phoenix. In this realm that we are in we have free will and we are touched by the free will of others. Sometimes this causes pain even severe heartbreak and other times it results in joy penultimate. If we trust in him and turn all our fears and pain over to him we are promised peace. I believe with all my heart that he has taken my son to his home and that he is at peace in a special room in his mansion (maybe even the heavenly golf course). I will see him again. I pray that all may feel the joy I have knowing that my son is doing just fine and having a ball with Jesus our Father.
I am sure that Donny hurts for us as we mourn and cry. I have always known that all my children are blessings from God and are on loan, but it doesn't seem real that they can be called away until it really happens.
Our family and our friends have experienced what can only be described as miracles which confirm that Donny is safe in God's arms. This is particularly meaningful for us at Easter. As Karen so beautifully stated during Donny's service, " The tomb is empty". My son is with God. What more can an earthly father mother want for their child.
What I have learned through all the recent events ls that the living suffer the loss and the pain of death. God has a way of bringing us down to earth and reminding us to hold each of us dear while we are here. I only ask that you hug more and tell others that you love them. Talk to strangers and hold people's hands. Love conquers evil. We are not promised tomorrow. We ALL after all are on a voyage with many forks in a road that is strewn with sharp jagged rocks. Pray that ALL God's children choose the right path and that we all trust and believe in Jesus our Lord.
Forgive those that cause us pain. They have not experienced Jesus or the love of family or friends. We need to reach out to them.
Have a Blessed Easter
The second is from Donny's wife, Liz - my co-worker and friend. What amazing people!
My dear PFE family,
I don't know where to begin to thank you all for EVERTYTHING you have done. The reality of this tragedy is still unconceivable and I really can't imagine how we will go on, but I know that we will. We will because we have to. We will because God continues to lift us up by giving us absolutely incredible people like you! My heart aches for those who feel such pain but do not have the support of an entire community like we do.
Your prayers have been felt, your words have been heard. I feel God's loving hold through you and I just can't thank you enough. Many people have been asking how they can help and I must tell you, our cup over floweth. Humbly, I ask you to "pay it forward." What ever you were going to do for me and my family, I beg that you pass it on to someone else, anyone you meet who is hurting. Donny was so generous and really spread his happiness where ever he went. We all have the power to change the world, one kind act at a time. I KNOW this is true, because your outpouring of love and well wishes truly have changed our world. Each kind word fills this gaping hole in my heart.
I love you all,


Wendy Sue said...

Very impressive, faith-filled people!

Susannah said...

What good letters. It is good to hear...especially at Eastertime.